About Us

Hello, I am Charles Selvage.  The owner of Gardeningmystery Blog. I have lots of experience in gardening and I want to share my knowledge with all of the garden lovers.

Actually, I finished my studies from Shahrawardi Agriculture University. As I had been nurturing a deep attraction for gardening, I took a Garden-based course from Cornell University situated at Ithaca, New York.

In fact, this popular University is rich in garden education and knowledge. A number of students become a prestigious part of its gardening resources for quenching their thrust for gardening.

My gardening advice have been published in French, Germany, Spanish and Italian language for so many times.

To write about gardening, one must have a good amount of knowledge in gardening tools and the ins and outs of this topic. Or else, I talked with other professional gardeners and walked round to visit their garden.

I personally gathered all ideas and qualifications I should have. Further courses helped me a lot to write and share my experiences with all of you.