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10 Best Coyote Lure

Top pick. 1
Hawbaker's - Coyote Lure 500
  • 1 oz, bottle of Hawbaker's best selling coyote lure
Top pick. 2
Wildlife Research 526 Coyote Juice Calling Scent (8-Fluid Ounce)
  • High Quality Coyote Calling Scent
  • Appeals To Coyotes' Territorial, Curiosity, And Hunting Instincts
  • Powerful Long Range Scent
  • Completes Your Calling Set-Up, Making It More Realistic
SaleTop pick. 3
Milligan's Cat-Man-Do Bobcat Animal Lure 1 oz.
  • 1 oz. long distance call lure for Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, Grey Fox, Fisher & Marten
  • A blend of ingredients including skunk essence
  • One of our best sellers
  • Teams up well with Milligan's Predatory Chuck Bait
  • A good choice for cold weather
Top pick. 4
Top pick. 5
Fox Peak Outdoor Supply Coyote Lure and Bait Kit #2
  • Three Top Selling 1 oz. Coyote Lures By Hawbaker's - One 8 oz. 3 MEAT Supreme PREDATOR BAIT - 8 oz Coyote Urine - Bag of wool
Top pick. 6
Dunlap's Death Coyote Gland Lure (1 oz.)
  • Great lure for flat sets
  • Great lure for post sets
  • Aged to perfection
Top pick. 7
Outdoor Hunting Lab Rabbit Urine for Coyote Hunting, Coyote Lure for Trapping, Scent Killer for Hunting Deer, Rabbit Scent Training for Dogs, Powerful Hunting Gear (1 Bottle of 2 oz)
  • Drive Coyotes & Foxes Crazy: Our rabbit urine scents are powerful and effective coyote hunting accessories that will draw in wild foxes and coyotes around your position. When our rabbit urine coyote bait hits their noses, their instinct to hunt will kick in, so they won't notice your presence until it’s too late.
  • Train Your Dog for Hunting: Use our rabbit urine as a handy pup training device in your dog scent training kit to get his nose to the trail and used to the smell of rabbits. You can even soak the rabbit scent for dogs in footpads and walk through the woods to create the trail a wild rabbit would make.
  • Hide Your Human Scent: Ensure your deer can’t track you before you track it first by using our rabbit urine as an odor neutralizer for deer hunting and sport trapping. Spray this scent eliminator for hunting around your deer stands, boots, deer hunting accessories and gear to ensure whitetail deer cannot detect your human scent.
  • Save Time, Hassle & Money: It’s so much faster and easier to just carry a few ounces of rabbit urine scent killer spray in your pocket than to drag a decoy or rabbit skin to your site. Use our trapping scents to allow you to move your attractant to new spots so predators don't catch on to you!
  • Love it or Get a Refund: Since our rabbit cover scent for deer hunting, coyote hunting, and dog training is the purest and highest quality, we’re sure you’re going to love it. We stand by our product! So, if for any reason you’re not happy, by all means, contact us! Try it today and if it does not work we will refund you. No questions asked!
Top pick. 10
Harmon Scents Coyote Urine - 4 oz - Coyote Urine - CCHCY4 - Predator Pee - Coyote Lure - 100% Pure Coyote Urine - 4 oz -Predator Hunting, Multi, One Size
  • Bring predators in close with harmon's Coyote urine
  • ATA approved urines
  • 100% pure Coyote urine - Use for all Season success
  • Great for trapping, as a cover scent for hunting, or to keep small critters and Deer out of the lawn and garden
  • Coyote urine can also be used as a Repellent for rabbits, Deer and chipmunks control

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