9 Best Fan for Grow Tent – Choose the Perfect One For You

Grow tents are quite handy and allow better control of the atmosphere of its inside. Your grow tent need to have proper ventilation to have a fruitful yield. And in order to have the ventilation system, you ought to install the best fan for grow tent. The grow tent fan ensures the proper amount of oxygen and Carbon dioxide. Again, fans can maintain a stable airflow can control humidity. Thus, fungi, rot, mildew, mold, or mites cannot thrive in the tent. Generally, grow lights produce a higher amount of energy. The best grow tent fan can counterbalance this situation and create an optimum temperature.

So, I guess you now have a clear idea of why you need to have a good ventilation system. Removal of the stagnant air and circulation of fresh air can be confirmed by having a good grow tent fan. There are huge varieties of fans like oscillating fans, inline fans, outtake or exhaust fans, intake fans, outtake inline fans, intake inline fans, fans with carbon filters, booster fans, and so on. I am sure you are getting puzzled after seeing this list. But don’t worry! We are here to find you the ultimate grow tent fan according to your requirements. So, keep going through this article

It is quite a toilsome job to select the right fan. Size, power, cost, noise, durability, type, and other factors need to be examined before purchasing the best one. After judging hundreds of fans for indoor grow tents, we have come up with 9 best grow tent fans. Let’s jump into the details to find your grow tent fan.

1. AC Infinity Grow Tent Fan

AC inline grow tent fans are engineered utterly to ventilate your hydroponic grow rooms, transfer heating and exhaust odors. This fan comes with an advanced control system, quiet and energy-efficient performance skills. These features have made it one of the best fans for grow tent.

The intelligent control system allows you to monitor the temperature, and customize the fan speed and humidity according to that in one single screen. It is also equipped with an alarm and timer. You can set a specific day and night hours by the timer. This feature ensures the optimal growth of your plants.

This fan uses an EC motor that is controlled by Pulse Width Modulation(PWM). This system, along with the mixed flow design ensures efficient-energy consumption and quieter operation than AC fans. It produces almost 40% less noise than other fans.

This fan is compatible with a 6-inch duct that makes it really portable and easy to use. It creates an airflow of 351 CFM, which ensures its credibility to most grow tents. The ingress protects against dust and liquids. This fan comes packaged with necessary kits like two duct clamps and required mounting hardware. 


  • This fan emits very little noise(32 dB on lowest speed) that lets you stay comfortable. 
  • It doesn’t produce much heat and uses less energy.
  • It has a built-in alarm and timer that helps the optimal growth of the plants.
  • It has a very easy control system. 


  • You may find it challenging to mount the smart controller in the tent wall.
  • Many of the users don’t need or use the several thermostat functions that come with it.

Ventilation is vital for your plants’ health, and a good grow tent fan can ensure better ventilation. This fan comes at a reasonable price and offers quieter operation with less energy consumption. All these features have made it the best grow tent fan that you can purchase without any concern regarding quality

2. VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan

The VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM fan is designed to ventilate your grow tent effectively. This durable fan is lightweight, runs smoothly and quietly. Apart from ensuring proper ventilation, it also extracts odor that makes it the best fan for grow tent.

It ensures powerful ventilation with a speed of 2550 RPM and can produce an airflow of 390 CFM. It has a power supply of 110-120 V. So, it can easily meet your need with optimal ventilation.

This model possesses durable plastic housing and plastic blades to operate in extremely low noise. It works in a slight noise that is less than 37 DB. Moreover, variable speed controllers come attached to it. You can customize the speed according to the temperature. The motor has life bearing with it that doesn’t need any lubricants or maintenance and operates smoothly.

It comes with a removable duct that you can remove and maintain easily. It is also equipped with a 5.4-feet long power cord to make the installation process easy and hassle-free. You will also find an installation bracket that indicates the direction of airflow. It can solve the air delivery problem in minimal expenses.

Another impressive feature of this fan is it comes along with an excellent carbon filter. This filter keeps the environment healthy with purified air for the plants and also helps to extract odor.


  • Low noise keeps the operation comfortable for you.
  • The carbon filter traps all the odors and extracts them.
  • The airflow is very effective.


  • The blades are a little bit weak.

This induct fan is energy efficient and ensures quiet operation. Since the fan comes with a carbon filter, this fan has reached an upper level from other grow tent fans as it removes odor apart from providing adequate ventilation. So this one can be the best grow tent fan to choose from.

3. TeraBloom 6″ Inline Fan – 240 CFM

Everyone knows that lights and fan are essential parts for the indoor garden because it provides brightness and fresh air like nature for plant growth. If you are looking for the best fan for grow tent, we suggest you take a TeraBloom 6″ lnline fan.

 Manufacturers have made this fan using lightweight paint-coated steel. You can use this fan as a booster fan or exhaust air fan through 6 “inline ducts for ventilation of tents, houses, basements, attics, etc. This fan lists airflow 240 CFM, power 37 W, and voltage 120 V / 110 V and ETL compatible with certain speed controllers. The maximum speed of this inline fan goes to 2600 rpm straight ducts that move 240 cubic feet of air per minute. But if you use this fan with a Terabloom Variable Fan Speed Controller can be reduced by up to 30% (sold separately). To reduce the noise coming through the airflow, use this inline fan with a controller. This fan comes with a pre-wired 6 foot grounded cable.


  • Terabloom company gives one year warranty.
  • This fan gives high-quality ventilated air, which helps in the growth of indoor plants.
  • This fan is inexpensive.


  • This fan is not waterproof and is not ideal for outdoor applications.

You can use this fan as an intake air fan to bring in the fresh air with LEDs or lights below 400 watts, which helps in plant growth. There is no doubt that this is the best growth tent fan.

4. VIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan

The Vivosun 440 CFM Inline Duct Fan is built durable and has a high-tech design for powerful ventilation. It combines different types of equipment to suit your need that makes it the best fan for grow tent.

This fan has a massive speed of 2450 RPM, and it allows an airflow of 440 CFM. So you can provide powerful airflow to your targeted location for optimal ventilation. 

It is made of galvanized steel parts that are factory painted. They save this fan from rust, which happens because of humidity. The construction eliminates natural damage and thus provides this a long span. Moreover, the components are ETL recognized.

This powerful fan also ensures quiet operation by keeping the noise level restricted to 50 DB. The simple leather cover muffles any sound or vibration. You can also add compatible Vivosun silencer to reduce the noise level further.

It comes with a variable speed controller close to the plugs for easy access. Flanges are also included for a hassle-free hookup. 

It combines with air filter, ducting and noise reducer that meets different needs. This fan meets different needs by cooling lighting fixtures and controlling hot and humid conditions of grow tent.


  • Sturdy construction reduces the wear and tear of the fan.
  • Galvanized steel parts save the fan from getting rust.
  • Aerodynamically designed centrifugal impeller renders good airflow with low sound.
  • A compatible 6-inch VIVOSUN silencer is there to handle noise from displaced air. 
  • Ideal for cooling lighting fixtures and removing hot and humid atmosphere in grow tents/rooms.


  • The speed control is not up to the mark.

This fan is suitable for all sizes of grow tent and also for hydroponic. This fan can surely make sure the healthy growth of your plants by proper ventilation. The advanced features with combined components are enough to impress you. So you can purchase this grow tent without hesitation.

5. Hurricane Inline Fan For Grow Tent

Grow tent needs inline duct fans to expel the hot and humid air from inside. Hurricane fans are one of the best fans for grow tent for its super quality materials. This one is undoubtedly the best fan, especially for large grow tents.

Hurricane inline fans maintain commercial grade with high performance. They are made of steel casing and powder coated with a matte black finish. This makes them durable and impressive. The components are UL certified, which ensures quieter operation. 

It comes with a mounting bracket and installation instructions that are very easy to follow. Moreover, it is equipped with an 8 feet long 120-volt power cord that allows its installation at any spot. You can install it within a few minutes. Furthermore, it comes with necessary kits like carbon filters, speed controllers for stress-free installation, and an unbeatable exhaust system.

This fan is compatible with controllers that allow you to customize the fan’s speed according to your need. You can program the fan to run at a slower pace and quiet operation. You can also increase the speed of the indoor temperature is too high.


  • Powder coat resists rust that ensures durability.
  • It has an easy installation process that makes it beginner-friendly.
  • It comes with more high power options for larger grow rooms.
  • It offers an impressive warranty of 5 years.


  • This fan is a little noisy.
  • It consumed energy at a high rate.

The hurricane inline fan is a fantastic one for you to own. It offers high-performance quality with an easy setup system. It can easily keep the environment compatible with the plants. So, you dont need to worry about the quality before purchasing this fan for your grow tent.

6. Hydrofarm Active Air Grow Tent Fan

Hydrofarm Active Air Inline fan comes with premium components to ensure high-quality performance. Innovative features and quality make it the best fan for grow tent.

This fan comes with ceramic coated metal housing on it to ensure its durability. The components of this fan are UL recognized. This fan can make an airflow of 400 CFM that is pretty good for your plants. 

It is equipped with high quality molded impeller and thermally protected AC motor. The motor also possesses life bearing, which is to say the bearings on the motor don’t need to be lubricated. Moreover, the motor is totally sealed, which saves it from any kind of damage caused by dust or debris. You can adjust the speed of the fan by the controller without worrying about any kind of damage to the motor or noise. These features allow this fan to make sure of a low noise operation. 

Moreover, this fan comes with mounted brackets and an 8 feet long pre-weird cord to make the installation process easy for you. The design of the mountings allows both parallel and perpendicular connections. 


  • The ceramic coated housing and sealed motor make it quite durable.
  • The extended cord makes the installation easier. 
  • The bearings don’t need lubricants.
  • The components used are UL certified, which ensures safety and efficiency. 


  • It is louder than average inline fans.

The Hydrofarm ACDF6 fan is a fantastic option for your mini grow tent. This fan will keep the temperature of your grow tent in check. The construction of this fan has made it really durable, and it comes at a reasonable price. So this one is arguably the best grow tent fan that you can own. 

7. Tjernlund M-6 Inline Duct Booster Fan

When choosing the best grow tent fan, check airflow capacity, low noise, and power usage because they are all necessary for the growth of plants. We recommend you use the Tjernlund m-6 inline duct booster fan. The manufacturers made this fan using metal, and it weighs only 4.54 grams. This fan has a voltage of 120 and a wattage of 125, which makes it even more powerful. This fan has very low noise and low power consumption.

This fan has a maximum airflow capacity (460-530) CFM. You can use this fan as a bathroom/spa exhaust, which helps eliminate foggy mirrors and long-lasting odours. This fan works excellent for exhausting high-moisture areas like grow rooms and heating ducts.


  • This fan is ideal for air supply and exhaust applications.
  • Anyone can easily install this fan.
  • There is no vibration at full speed.
  • This fan suitable for Attic Cook Stove Vent Fan.
  • Low noise and low power consumption.


  • It is a little bit expensive than the other models.

When you install this fan, you can feel its excellent service with less noise and less power consumption. It works great if you use it through a speed controller (sold separately). This fan is ideal for growing rooms and heating pipes. Since we can say without a doubt, it is one of the best fans for grow tent.

8. iPower 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Fan Carbon Filter Combo

Ipower 190 CFM is a multi-purpose fan that is not just confined to your grow tent but can also be used in your kitchen, bathroom, greenhouse, or office. The carbon filter combo is the assurance of this fact. Furthermore, the fan comes with UL components that create a silent operation inside the grow tent. The central hub and composite fan blades also serve this purpose by reducing vibrations and noise. Moreover, the ventilation combo of the fan provides you with an odorless and smell-free environment by removing all the bad odor.

It also eliminates the heat caused inside the grow tent. The fan features a single control switch with three settings to control the airflow within the grow tent. All these amazing features make this fan one of the best fans for grow tent.


  • The fan features an amount of application rather than just being used in grow tents.
  • The fan has a reversible flange.
  • It removes all sorts of odors and heat caused inside the grow tent.
  • The fan promotes a quiet operation.
  • It is a multi-functional fan.
  • The fan is also quite easy to install with its additional 8” rope hangers.


  • The size of this fan is a bit big.

The Ipower 190 CFM is considered the best grow tent fan because of its outstanding features. The fan has the capability to provide you with a perfect environment for growing your plants. It ensures a noiseless and odor-free grow tent. Not to mention, the heat inside the grow tent is also eliminated by this fan. You can control the airflow inside the tent as well. What else do you need? To top it all up, the fan also comes at a low price and is easy to install. With all these qualities, on the one hand, the size of the fan can be ignored anytime.

9. Can Fan GL56736746 736746 Fan, 6″

The Can Fan series has always marked the fact that it is the best fan for grow tent. With this new, version they have marked a new peak for their best features. It is just perfect for maintaining an atmosphere filled with sufficient air. The fan comes with EZ mount bracket for mounting the fan easily. This easy to install fan ensures a noiseless environment suitable for your plant growth. It also features excellent durability.

Thus, the Can fan is considered as the best grow tent fan in the market. Furthermore, the fan comes with three control speeds for true speed. You can control the flow of wind as you like from 420 High, 378 Medium as well as 291 Low. The six-inch fan also comes with a 5-year warranty. Moreover, the price at an inexpensive rate just completes the whole package of features. 


  • The fan has remarkably high efficiency.
  • It also comes with an amazing design.
  • The durability of the fan is absolutely outstanding.
  • The fan is easy to install with its added EZ mount bracket.
  • It promotes a quiet operation as it runs, which is just perfect for growing plants.


  • The filter of the fan drops the CFM.

Are you looking for a fan that ensures durability as it runs? Then, we assure you that this is the best fan for grow tent. The multiple-speed performance lets you control the airflow as you wish. This also maintains a silent operation for your plants. Not to mention, the 5-year warranty and low price we all crave for. The fan will provide you with amazing features as well as over-the-top durability. It will definitely provide you with the natural environment your plants need. We prefer that you do not miss the chance to buy this fan.

How to set up grow tent fans

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to setting up grow tent fans, but the first thing you need to do is ensure that your grow tent is well ventilated.

To do this, you should have a minimum of two vents on opposite sides of the grow tent. A set-up like this will encourage airflow and prevent any build-up of hot or humid air inside the grow tent which can be detrimental for plants.

So where to find the necessary accessories to create these vents for your grow tent fans?

You can buy an electric fan online or from a garden center and attach it to the ceiling of your grow tent by using a strong piece of rope. You may also purchase a cheap hydro-vane exhaust fan that will require attaching the exhaust pipe directly into your grow tent.

The advantage of this style of setup is that you don’t need to screw anything into the walls or ceiling for it all to work.

Although convenient, hydro-vane fans can sometimes be noisy and we recommend using them only when necessary. That’s why having two vents in your grow tent is a better idea as it means you can have one fan running at all times to keep air moving, while the second one kicks in if the temperature climbs too high inside the room.

When setting up grow tent fans it’s important that you take note of the size of your grow tent fan and where it should be located. Ideally, you’ll want to have grow tent fans set at the bottom of your grow tent to create a continuous fan that pulls air from all sides.

This will help guard against hot or cool pockets of air inside the ceiling and invertors. That’s why you want to try to get the grow tent fans between 3 and 6 inches away from the roof of your grow tent.

You can also use this setup for a vertical vent. In this case, you’ll want to have one fan at the top of the grow tent and another at the bottom, creating a continuous fan with both vents. This will help lift air into your grow tent as it circulates throughout both rooms simultaneously.

If you’re considering setting up grow tent fans, remember that you’ll want to have all the necessary accessories and equipment for the job ahead of time. This includes things like ducting, an adjustable bracket, screws, nuts and bolts for mounting etc.

Do a little research on hydro-vane grow tent fans and check out our selection if you’re looking to build your own. You’ll also want to create a checklist of everything you will need so that there are no surprises when it’s time to set up your fans.

By doing this, you’ll be able to create your grow tent fans quickly and easily without any hassle.


Final Words

Did you find out the best fan for grow tent? Whether you are looking for an intake or exhaust fan, a good and sturdy fan will meet your needs. The best grow tent fan may need a good amount of investment but will be worthwhile in the long run. So, think carefully and examine the pros and cons before buying the fan for having a bumper production.

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