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10 Best Hockey Rebounder

Top pick. 1
Hockey Revolution My Passer One Timer - Lightweight Passing Trainer - Durable Rebounder Equipment for Passing, Shooting and One Timers - Length 24 inches, Includes Mounting Screws & Velcro Stickers
  • 🏒 IMPROVE PASSING & SHOOTING - Our hockey passer rebounder is an excellent tool for developing your passing and receiving skills. It's also a great way to train your one-timers even without a buddy!
  • 🏒 EXTREMELY DURABLE - Our passing trainer is made in Europe and uses only the most durable materials available. This is one hockey rebounder that will keep you company throughout many practices.
  • 🏒 COMPLETE INSTALLATION KIT - Our set includes 2 screws which you can use to fix the rebounder to My Shoot Pad, as well as 6 Velcro stickers for use on any flat surface including My Puzzle.
  • 🏒 FOR INDIVIDUAL OR TEAM TRAINING - The hockey puck rebounder can be installed at home for self-training sessions. Teams and clubs can also use them as passing training aids for their players.
  • 🏒 YOUR PERSONAL COACH - Our hockey puck passer can be used in conjunction with the Hockey Revolution app to make your training more effective. Both beginners and pros will find it incredibly useful.
Top pick. 2
Field Hockey Star Rebounder - Patented Passing Training Aid with Sticker Set and App - Perfect Passer Equipment for Indoor and Outdoor Practice - Better Shooting and Stick-Handling Speed and Comfort
  • 🏑 DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS - Our passer is the world’s first field hockey rebounder with a patented rebounding system. It includes a rebounder, fixing stickers, markings, and a training app.
  • 🏑 ENHANCE YOUR GAME - Send and receive the ball more fluidly with this field hockey passer trainer. It provides an immediate rebounding response, helping you improve your passes and accuracy.
  • 🏑 2 WAYS TO USE - Develop your forehand and backhand passing and receiving with our field hockey training tool. Its unique design allows you to flip it so you can work on a variety of skills.
  • 🏑 SUITABLE FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE - This European-made field hockey ball passer and rebounder measures 5.12 x 23.23 x 5.91 inches. It works on any flat surface including wood, cement, tile, and carpet.
  • 🏑 COMES WITH A TRAINING APP - Download our app to create an incredibly dynamic interactive workout. Let this field hockey ball rebounder serve as your personal coach as you practice away from the field.
Top pick. 3
TruPasser™ Dual Purpose Hockey on-Ice and Off-Ice / Roller Rebounder
  • Practice passing, receiving, stick handling, saucer passes, and more.
  • Two large 36″ x 4″ rebounding surfaces provide realistic and consistent rebounds no matter where the puck impacts the surface, unlike rubber band rebounders. It will rebound even those passes that aren’t flat along the ice surface.
  • Made of heavy-duty 11 gauge steel. 28 lbs.
  • Attach removable side plates to use the TruPasser rebounder on ice surfaces; remove side plates to use on non-ice surfaces with roller pucks.
  • Large steel and welded handle for easy carrying.
Top pick. 4
Better Hockey Extreme Passer Puck Rebounder - Clamp-On Pro Professional Quality Sports Training Aid for Passing, Shooting and One Timers - 30 Inch Size
  • HELPS YOU SCORE MORE GOALS: This great puck rebounder will help you master the one-time which has become an extremely vital part of every hockey players' game
  • ACCURATE AND POWERFUL RETURNS: Our revolutionary training equipment helps you master one-timers without a training buddy and improve your passing and stickhandling skills at home, no matter which season it is
  • QUICK AND EASY TO INSTALL: Each passer is extremely easy to install and clamps on in just seconds to any hockey dryland flooring tiles, synthetic ice surface or hockey shooting pads
  • INSTALLED IN SECONDS - this extremely easy to install hockey passing aid clamps on in seconds to any hockey dryland flooring tiles, synthetic ice surface or hockey shooting pads
  • THE ULTIMATE TRAINING AID: Hockey players of all skill levels including over 100 players in the NHL and tens of thousands young players train with our innovative training aids, Measures 30 inches long
Top pick. 5
Mr. Assist Hockey Trainer - for Passing Pass Catching Stickhandling - Better in-Game Puck Handling Softer & Faster Hands - Off-Ice Practice Device - Professional Grade Equipment
  • UNIQUE PATENTED DESIGN: The Mr. Assist training aid was uniquely designed by Jeff Serowik a former NHL professional hockey player, to give young players a chance to hone the most commonly ignored skill in Ice Hockey. Simply attach the velcro to the end of your hockey stick, and you're ready to go!
  • TRAIN SOLO: With the unique velcro design of the Mr. Assist, you can train your stick handling and puck handling skills without the need for a partner or coach. Whenever you have the chance or the mood strikes, all you need is a flat surface and you can practice for softer and faster hands.
  • PASSING AND PASS CATCHING: Passing and pass-catching are commonly the biggest weakness for any ice hockey player, at any level. With the Mr. Assist you can practice both at any time. This trainer uses a bungee line so you can pass the puck forward, and practice catching it on the way back, whether training backhand or forehand.
  • PERFECT OFF-ICE EQUIPMENT: The Pro Ambitions Mr. Assist is made for off-ice use, to improve your performance in-game. All you need is a flat surface, your stick, and your Mr assist, and you can work on your game. Great for use in the garage, basement, driveway, or synthetic ice (just not the real thing!)
  • DURABLE BUNGEE LINE: The bungee line on the Mr Assist is durable and built to last. This means that you can keep practicing your passing game for seasons to come. If the line does break or become detached, reattachment is simple, easy, and can be done in under 2 minutes flat.
Top pick. 6
Better Hockey Extreme Triangle Passer - Heavy-Duty Steel Puck Rebounder for One-Timers, Improves Passing, Shooting, and Stickhandling Skills, Use On and Off the Ice, Offers Three 22 Inch Passing Slots
  • MASTER THE ONE TIME FOR ALL TIME: Practice makes perfect, and with no need for a training buddy this professional grade training aid used by 100+ NHL players will have you quickly improving your one-timers, passing accuracy, and stickhandling
  • EXTREME VERSATILITY: With rubber feet and retractable spikes, this heavy-duty steel puck rebounder can easily be used on a multitude of surfaces such as ice, concrete, asphalt, hockey tiles, and shooting pads
  • SCORE MORE GOALS: This great puck rebounder will help you master the one-time which has become an extremely vital part of every hockey players' game
  • THE PERFECT PASSER: Because of the innovative triangle design no matter where you are you can pass to it, and it’s guaranteed to send the perfect pass back to you
  • THE ULTIMATE TRAINING AID: Great for both amateurs and professionals alike, over 100 players in the NHL and tens of thousands young players train with our innovative training aids
Top pick. 7
Skate Anytime –Score Anytime - Precision Dryland Hockey Shooting Pad & Puck Passer Rebounder for Stickhandling, Shooting, Passing - Customize Your Training Surface.
  • 🏒 ENHANCE YOUR GAME & BUILD YOUR SKILLS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Develop your sick mitts, perfect your sauce and fire perfect one-timers. Developed to work exclusively with Skate Anytime Precision Dryland Tiles to ensure maximum strength, stability and ultra fast rebound action.
  • 🏒 LEVEL UP YOUR ACCURACY, HAND EYE COORDINATION & FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Battle tested for hockey, our passer rebounder is the perfect practice add-on for hockey players of any age or skill. Use indoors or outdoors, in any weather.
  • 🏒 LIGHT THE LAMP & GO TOP SHELF: Gain muscle memory through repetition and assert dominance on the ice. Hone your forehand and backhand passing and then fire the biscuit where momma hides the cookies.
  • 🏒 EASY TO SETUP & RELOCATE: Simply attach the passer rebounder to your Skate Anytime Precision Dryland Hockey Tiles with the included Puck Stopper Edge and create an amazing hockey training experience in seconds. Work on different shots and angles by quickly relocating anywhere on your surface.
  • 🏒 WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE: Rebounder & Edge designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, we know you’ll love your Score Anytime Precision Dryland Tiles, Puck Passer Rebounder, but for any reason, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
Top pick. 8
Better Hockey Extreme Passing Kit Pro - Great Training Aid for Shooting, Stickhandling and One Timers - Large Shooting Pad with Puck Rebounder - Simulates The Feel of Real Ice
  • IMPROVE YOUR HOCKEY SKILLS - these are the ultimate hockey training aids for shooting, passing and stickhandling
  • GET A BETTER HOCKEY SHOT - the pro hockey passer allows you to practice one-timers and passing without training buddy
  • PRACTICE ANYWHERE & ANYTIME - thanks to UV protection and weather proofing treatment it allows for use indoors or outdoors
  • AMAZING GLIDE WITH REGULAR PUCKS - the huge 4’ x 8.5’ roll-up hockey shooting pad simulates the feel of real ice
  • PRACTICE LIKE THE PROS - more than 100 NHL players train with these innovative premium off-ice training products
Top pick. 9
Hockey Revolution My Shoot PAD Hockey Shooting Board Plus Passer - Professional-Grade Practice Surface with Rebounder for Passing & Stickhandling - Portable Sports Training Equipment - 30" x 60"
  • 🏒 A COMPLETE PRACTICE SET - Improve your skills with the My Shoot PAD hockey practice board. The portable set includes 1 shooting pad, 1 My Passer One Timer, fixing stickers, and two screws.
  • 🏒 HONE YOUR SKILLS - Practice shooting, passing, and one-timers with our portable ice pad. It's designed to help you hit the puck with power, improve hand-eye coordination, and handle quick rebounds.
  • 🏒 LARGE & DURABLE - Made in Europe, our hockey shooting pad has a smooth, shooting surface of 1/8 inches thick. Measuring 30 x 60 x 3/16 inches, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor practice.
  • 🏒 USE IT ANYWHERE - Our portable hockey sliding board is specifically designed for off-ice hockey training. It comes with a convenient built-in handle, making it easy to carry and set up.
  • 🏒 TRAIN USING AN APP - This trainer board can be used with an interactive training system based on My Colors and My Symbols technology. It is best used with the Hockey Revolution mobile training application.
Top pick. 10
Field Hockey Star Skiller - Lightweight Stickhandling Training Aid, Equipment for Ball Control, Reaction Time & Coordination - Light, Portable & Adjustable Trainer
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Field Hockey Star Skiller - Lightweight Stickhandling Training Aid, Equipment for Ball Control, Reaction Time & Coordination - Light, Portable & Adjustable Trainer
  • 🏒 UP YOUR GAME - Practice stickhandling, ball control, coordination, and reaction time with our field hockey training aid. It will enhance your stickhandling skills and movements so you can be more powerful in the field.
  • 🏒 IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE - Develop soft hands with our stick handling training aid. It can be adjusted to different angles so you can create your own drills and practice multiple techniques.
  • 🏒 TRAIN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - SKILLER is portable, allowing you to do your drills indoor and outdoor. It weighs only 2 pounds and is suitable for beginner and intermediate skill levels.
  • 🏒 EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Made in Europe, our patented technology will give you a leg up on the competition. It contains 5 ribs with a maximum length of 75 inches (each 15 inches).
  • 🏒 WORKS WITH A TRAINING APP - Turn your device into your own personal coach with our innovative equipment. Download our Field Hockey Star interactive Training APP and start practicing right away.

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