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10 Best Sally Hansen Nail Treatment

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Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails Strengthening Top Coat™, Hard Finish, 0.45 Oz, Top Coat Nail Polish, Top Coat Nails, Nail Strengthener, Nail Hardener, Top Coat for Nails, Nail Treatment
  • STRENGTHENING - Nail treatment seals and strengthens your nails
  • ADVANCED FORMULA - Prevents breaking and splitting with an extra-hard finish
  • LONG LASTING - Long-lasting protention and shine
  • HOW TO USE - Apply 1 coat over dry nail color to seal and strengthen
  • HIGH SHINE - High shine finish
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Sally Hansen Treatment Nail Rehab 41054, Nail Strengthener, Nail Hardener 0.33 Oz, Nail Growth Serum, Nail Strengthening Polish, Protection for Damaged Nails, Visibly Healthy Nails, Protect Nails
  • PROTECTION - Serious protection for severely damaged nails
  • VISIBLE - This nail strengthener gives visibly healthier, more beautiful nails
  • DEFENDS - Defends against breaking, tearing and peeling
  • KEY INGREDIENTS - Jasmine, Rose and Vitamin E
  • HOW TO USE - Use alone or under any Sally Hansen nail color
Top pick. 3
Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Complete Care 7 In 1, 2 Count
  • When you want help reviving dry, brittle nails, turn to Complete Care 7 in 1 Nail Treatment
  • Our patented formula combines Avocado Oil, Sea Salt, Pomegranate Extract and Calcium to help restore nails' strength, moisture and natural brightness
  • As a base coat, apply one coat to bare nails; Or use it as a long wearing top coat by applying over nail color
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Sally Hansen Treatment Complete 7 in 1 Salon Manicure, 13.3 ml
963 Reviews
Sally Hansen Treatment Complete 7 in 1 Salon Manicure, 13.3 ml
  • 3 DAY RESULTS - Stronger, healthier looking nails in just 3 days
  • 7 BENEFITS IN 1 - base and top coat, growth, strengthener, ridge-filler, brightener and ultra-moisturizing nail care
  • RESTORING INGREDIENTS - formulated with avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate extract and calcium to help restore nails
  • REVIVING - Revives dry, brittle nails
  • HOW TO USE - Use alone or under any Sally Hansen nail color
Top pick. 5
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener and Nailgrowth Miracle Serum, Nail Kit, Pack of Two, High-Powdered Hardener, Ends Cracking, Splitting and Peeling
  • 5 DAYS - Stronger nails in 5 days with this Sally Hansen duo
  • NO BREAKING - A professional-strength nail treatment that helps support speedy nail growth, eliminates brittleness & protects nails against splitting, cracking & tearing
  • STRONGER NAILS - Creates a protective shiled around your nails, creating stronger and longer nails almost instantly
  • SMOOTHS - This nail hardener also smooths cuticles, as well as helping nails
  • PROTECTION - Protects against breakage for up to 10 days
Top pick. 6
Sally Hansen Miracle Nails, 0.37 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Advanced peptide technology with concentrated peptide serum enriched with biotin
  • RESISTANT NAILS - Nails become resistant to damage as they grow
  • LONGER NAILS - see up to 59% longer nails in just 2 weeks!* *Based on fixed point nail measurement in 2 weeks
  • SOFT CUTICLES - Cuticles are softer and smoother
  • CLEAR COLOR - This clear serum is perfect to wear any under nail polish or on bare nails
Top pick. 7
Sally Hansen Hansen Hansen No More Fungus - 1.3 Oz
  • Stops Fungus!
  • Maximum strength brush-on treatment eliminates most fungus on cuticles and skin surrounding nails.
  • Maximum strength.
  • Brush-on treatment.
Top pick. 8
Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Maximum Growth, 2 Count
289 Reviews
Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Maximum Growth, 2 Count
  • Longer nails in 1 week! Instantly reinforces soft, bitten, and weak nails while helping protect nails from breaking & splitting.
  • Since 1957, we've been the go-to brand for salon-gorgeous nails. From Hard As Nails, to Insta-Dri, Diamond Strength, & Miracle Gel polishes, & our range of nail & beauty products.
  • When it comes to beauty, we've got you covered.
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Sally Hansen Treatment Maximum Growth®, Clear, Nail Strengthener Polish, 0.45 Oz, Base Coat Nail Polish, Reinforces Soft, Weak Nails, Defends Nails, Triple-Protection, Silk Formula
  • REINFORCES THIN NAILS - Sally Hansen's nail strengthener and nail care has all you need for healthy nails
  • ONE COAT - Strengthen thin, weak nails with just one coat of our quick-drying nail strengthening polish
  • POTECTS FROM BREAKING - With Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth Nail Polish, you'll have stronger nails that are less likely to break or split.
  • KEEPING NAILS GROWING - Fortifies and defends nails so they continue to grow
  • SILK FORMULA - Triple-protection and silk formula
Top pick. 10
Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails, Nude, 0.45 Fluid Ounce
  • Rapidly dry nail color.
  • Prevents chipping.
  • Super shiny.

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