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10 Best Semi Permanent Tattoo Pen

Top pick. 1
Paddsun Electric Digital Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Lip Eyeliner Pen Makeup Tattoo Machine Kit with 6 Types Needle and LCD Display
  • This item is a handheld tattoo machine. Made of premium Aluminum, it is lightweight and sturdy.
  • LCD screen displays power, speed level, mode and the working state of the machine. You can easily see the parameters at a glance, which will greatly save your time.
  • Easy to color, high color retention rate. Anti-allergic, more natural. Strong three-dimensional effect , delicate graininess.Comes with 6pcs tattoo needle cartridges (1R, 3R, 3F, 5F, 5R, 7F) for different using requirements.
  • A necessary machine for tattoo artcraft. Adjustable working mode and speed level allows precise control and application.Easy to operate, safe and effective. Ergonomic pen handle is comfortable and easy to grip.
  • Suitable for eyeliner, lip, eyebrow and hairline tattoo, spot,wrinkle removal, skin whitening, etc.
Top pick. 2
Salmue Tattoo Marker Pen, Professional Precision Waterproof Semi-permanent Eyebrow Lip Tool Microblading Lip liner Tattoo Skin Positioning Pen (Red)
  • Healthy Marker Pen - Made of premium material,it is natural and safe,no harm and irritation.Suitable for everyone.Mainly used before eyebrow tattooing or lip bleaching, help tattooists quickly and accurately identify tattoo areas.
  • Excellent Display - Fine point tips can easily draw accurate and clean lines, suitable for tattoo artist or beginner use.It can be used to divide the area of piercing or tattoo to create a excellent lines.
  • Stronger Waterproof - Good waterproof performance, smudge-proof all day ,the long-lasting formula ensures that your makeup will last all day without smudging or fading through sweat, rain, and even water sports.
  • Perfect Makeup - This tatbrow Microblade pen creates very natural looking and defined brows that beautifully frame your face to compliment all makeup looks. The eyebrow tattoo pen also comes off easily with makeup remover or oil cleanser.
  • Quality Guarantee - Our Eyebrow makeup kit are guaranteed to provide you with long-lasting enjoyment, with a modern style that's made from the highest-quality sourced materials.If you have any product issues, please contact us anytime.
Top pick. 3
Semi-Permanent Tattoo Pen 1. Up to 24 hour strong black colour for skin art with a fine line nib.
  • Easy Skin Art: Use on dry skin to adorn yourself with the artwork. The colour does not smudge.
  • Removable Skin Art Pen: Draw on the skin with the felt tip. The colour is safe for the skin and has great depth.
  • Lasts Up To 24 Hours: The strong colour can last up to 24 hours and does not fade.
  • Waterproof: The colour is waterproof when applied to dry skin.
  • Easy To Remove: The colour can be removed with an oil-based makeup remover. The pen will not work well with oily skin..Vegan Colour: The Semi-permanent tattoo pens are vegan formula and cruelty-free..Reversible Nib: The precision felt tip nib is reversible for longer-lasting use.
Top pick. 4
Cosmetic Tattoo Semi Permanent Makeup Machine Eyebrow Lip Eyeliner Microblading Pen Beauty Makeup Rotary Pen 10 PCS Cartridges for Eyeliners, Eyebrows, Lips And Small Tattoo
  • This multifunctional permanent makeup machine is used for eyebrow and tattoo
  • Simple appearance and easy to operate
  • Suitable for eyebrows, eyelids and lips, also for small tattoo design
  • Aluminum alloy body pen, special anti-slip design
  • ON/OFF switch, 3 speed control, easy to Control the speed.
Top pick. 5
Aluminum Alloy Semi‑Permanent Tattoo Pen, Semi Permanent Makeup Machine, Microblading for Eyebrow Lip Eyeliner Tattoo Pen
  • ✔✔✔Adjustable length: The tattoo machine pen using the scale on the pen body, you can adjust the length of the needle, making it easier for the tattoo artist to operate.
  • ✔✔✔Different sizes of nibs: The tattoo machine pen nibs with different hole sizes can accommodate round pins of different sizes and numbers.
  • ✔✔✔Aluminum alloy: The manual pen made of aluminum alloy is durable and not easily deformed and damaged.
  • ✔✔✔Different types of pen sleeves: There are 2 types of pen sleeves, which can be used with different types of needles. microblading eyebrow tattoo pen, tattoo machine for lips.
  • ✔✔✔Comfortable and stable: The tattoo machine pen moderate weight, comfortable hand feel, stable needle fixation and easy
Top pick. 6
Tattoo Marker Pen,Professional Waterproof Microblading Tattoo Lip,Semi-permanent Tattoo Eyebrow Pen Tattoo Positioning Pen for Novice and Experienced Tattoo Artists.(0.5mm Single Head)
  • Uses: Mainly used for eyebrow tattoo or lip bleaching, dividing the perforation or tattoo area to create excellent lines to help the tattoo artist quickly and accurately identify the tattoo area.
  • Good quality: Tattoo markers are made of medical grade raw materials. High quality materials are hygienic and safe, so you can buy them with confidence.
  • Waterproof performance: It has a good waterproof function, it is not easy to fade when tattooing, to ensure the smooth completion of your tattoo, the effect is good.
  • Applicable to: Fine point tips make it easy to draw accurate and concise lines for tattoo artists or beginners
  • 100% Satisfaction: If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to meet your requirements and solve your problems quickly and efficiently.
Top pick. 7
Hair Stroked Round Needles for Eyebrow Tattoo Manual Microblading Pen Semi Permanent Makeup Fog Pen Needle Pack of 50 pcs (3R)
  • (1) Superior quality and complies with international cosmetology and medical requirements
  • (2) Sterilization certified by Gamma Ray, complies with Government Sterilization Guidelines
  • (3) Needle is made of medical grade stainless steel. Individually packed. For disposable using only
  • (4) suits for fog manual pen more stability,less vibration,Excellent stability,
  • (5) Pack of 50 pcs. Needles are sharp and elastic, making the eyebrow line beautiful.
Top pick. 8
Waterproof Tattoo Eyebrow Skin Marker Pen Semi-permanent Tattoo Marker Pen Eyebrow Lip Tattoo Positioning Pen, Lip Line Marker Pen for Permanent Makeup Supplies(Red)
  • ❄HIGH QUALITY: Made with high quality materials, hygienic and safe. Easy to deal with, long-term use, not easy to damage. No harm to the skin, no irritation, and will not stay on the skin forever.
  • ❄FUNCTION: Mainly used before eyebrow tattoos or lip bleaching, to help tattooists quickly and accurately identify tattooed parts. It can be used to divide the tattoo area to create excellent lines.
  • ❄FINE-TIP PEN: Can easily draw accurate, clean lines, suitable for tattoo artists or beginners. It is suitable for marking and positioning on the skin, the marking is clear, and it can be used safely on the skin.
  • ❄USES: Suitable for full body embroidery, eyebrows, lip liner, full lip color, tattoos. It may be more accurate for those beginners who make permanent makeup on eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.
  • ❄CONVENIENCE: Good waterproof performance, keep the color during the tattoo process. Easy to hold and easy to use. The delicate technique allows tattoo artists and beginners to draw accurate and concise lines easily.
Top pick. 9
Tattoo Marker Pen, Waterproof Semi-permanent Microblading Eyebrow Lip Tattoo Positioning Pen Microblading Eyebrow Pencil Creates Natural Looking Lip Brows(Red)
  • Mainly used before eyebrow tattooing or lip bleaching, help tattooists quickly and accurately identify tattoo areas.
  • Fine point tips can easily draw accurate and clean lines, suitable for tattoo artist or beginner use. Pay attention to the protection of the tip of the nose when using it. Generally, put it vertically, with the tip of the nose facing down. Cover the pen when not in use.
  • Manufactured with high grade materials, hygienic and safe. With good waterproof performance, not easy to fade during tattooing.
  • Tattoo pen has a Waterproof, No color-fade, Smudge resistant and No Transfer. It can be used to divide the area of piercing or tattoo to create a excellent lines.
  • Clean the skin and allow it to dry, then mark the skin with a stylus; Avoid cro-ss infection, do not use a pen by many people; Re-mucosal and skin damage, use with caution when there is a wound.
Top pick. 10
Microblading Tattoo Machine Microblading Pen with needles Makeup Pen Machine for Manual Eyebrow Tattoo Semi?Permanent Eyebrow Eyeliner Lips Tattoo Machine Device US Plug 100?240V (#1)
  • ✦ NEEDLE LENGTH CAN BE ADJUSTED FREELY- The needle length can be adjusted freely by rotating the knob on the lower part of the machine body, and the needle output is fast, accurate and stable without flying needle. Original direct charging power supply, convenient for use in the store, use while charging.
  • ✦ LOW NOISE AND FAST COLORING- The machine at work has low noise and fast coloring, which can reduce the tension and pain of customers and make the tattoo artist work easily. No flying needle, no ink jet, imported motor, one‑key start, strong and powerful, quick needle output, the body will not be hot after long‑term use.
  • ✦ NON-SLIP DESIGN- Non-slip design, comfortable to hold, double the efficiency, aluminum alloy body, fast heat dissipation, high shock absorption. The humanized design reduces noise interference to people, making the tattoo artist more comfortable in operation and more comfortable for customers.
  • ✦ MULTIPLE USES- This Semi‑Permanent Makeup Machine Device features a dual liner and shade output that can be switched with the press of a button. Hook up your favorite liner and shade and run them without having to switch out cables and reset. It has Multi-functions for eyebrow/eyeliner micro pigmentation and skin management.
  • ✦ NEEDLE OUTPUT ADJUSTMENT- It has precise needle output adjustment and stable needle output. No flying needle, no ink jet, with high experience. This pen feature long-lasting work period and high working speed but work steadily and low noise.

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