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10 Best Windshield Scratch Remover

Top pick. 1
Gold Label Detailing Glass Polishing Drill Wheel Bob for Use with Cerium Oxide | Remove Scratches and Scuffs in Windshields, Windows, Table Tops and More …
  • GLASS POLISHING - Remove Light Scratches and Scuffs
  • DRILL ATTACHMENT - 1/4 Metal Shank for use with drills
  • LARGE SURFACE AREA - 3 Inch Felt Wheel
  • EASY TO USE - Simply Attach To Drill And Polish The Surface With Your Slurry of Choice
Top pick. 2
Optical Grade Cerium Oxide 8oz Glass Repair Powder | Glass Window and Windshield Repair | Optical Grade, for use with Camera, Scope, Binocular Lens | Remove Scratches and Scuffs (8oz with 3' Pad)
439 Reviews
Optical Grade Cerium Oxide 8oz Glass Repair Powder | Glass Window and Windshield Repair | Optical Grade, for use with Camera, Scope, Binocular Lens | Remove Scratches and Scuffs (8oz with 3" Pad)
  • SAFE TO USE ON DIFFERENT TYPES OF GLASS - Our premium optical grade solution is gentle yet effective enough to use on many different types of glass, including your windshields, home windows, cameras, scopes, and binocular lenses. Quickly remove minor scratches and scuffs from products made of glass without having to foot the bill for expensive replacements or costly repairs that are simply out of the budget!
  • HIGH-QUALITY, ZINC-FREE SOLUTION - Gold Label Detailing offers a high-quality solution free of zinc and useless, toxic ingredients. Easily create the solution by mixing the powder with water from your sink to make a thick paste that works wonders at removing scuffs, hard water stains, and assorted scratches that ruin the appearance of the glass. Now you can get rid of these imperfections at home without needing professional help. Don’t get caught using low quality red/pink cerium oxide!
  • COMES EQUIPPED WITH A CONVENIENT POLISHING PAD - Not only do we provide the optical grade cerium oxide powder, but we also offer a convenient polishing pad that you can quickly and easily attach to a small rotary or buffing machine. Combining the superior powder with the felt polish pad wheel allows you to achieve the best results possible with streak-free, smudge-free glass that shines bright and looks new.
  • GETS YOUR GLASS LOOKING LIKE NEW AGAIN - Save time, energy, and money when using our glass repair powder that will have your glass looking clean, clear, and new all over again. Why spend money replacing glass that you can fix at home using this cutting-edge powder with the polishing pad? Don't throw your hard-earned money away!
  • EASY ENOUGH TO MIX WITHIN SECONDS - You can quickly and easily mix this powder in seconds to create a slurry-style paste safe to use on various glass surfaces. Best of all, you're only going to need water to activate the powder and get it ready to use, applying it to your polishing pad and then attaching the pad to your drill to get started.
Top pick. 3
ATG Windshield Repair Kit | Cracked Glass Repair Kit | Windshield Scratch Remover | Window Screen Repair Kit | Windshield Chip Repair Kit | Windshield Repair Kit | Windshield Scratch Repair Kit
  • EASY AND HASSLE FREE: Thanks to the special screen repair kit, you can easily repair small chips and scratches in your windshield through a simple do-it-yourself process. SHIPPING from Germany takes approx. 10 days
  • RENEWED SAFETY: A chip in a windshield can increase in size if left unattended, limiting your visibility or worse. With this windshield crack repair kit, you can save yourself expensive repairs on a new windshield and maintain safety on the roads
  • USER FRIENDLY: The special injector decreases the time it takes to complete repairs and only takes as little as 1 hour to complete
  • SAFETY: Visual distortions and impediments from chips and cracks. Air trapped between the glass is removed and replaced with the advanced resin repairing your car window
  • ALL-ROUND PROTECTION: This glas crack repair prevents further cracking and water or dirt from intruding into the windshield. Only a small portion of the repaired area will remain visible after the repair (see photo)
Top pick. 5
Novus PC-20 2 Plastic Fine Scratch Remover - 8 Oz
  • Great for auto headlamps, CD/DVD, boats, motorcycles, golf cart windshields and much more
  • Perfect for taking out scratches and cloudy haze from acrylic/polycarbonate protective shields. If your shields and barriers are worn down or get scratched up from frequent use of harsh disinfectant chemicals, use NOVUS plastic polish #2 to restore them back to new.
  • Removes scratches instead of filling it in
  • Has helped millions win the war against fading, scratching and dulling of plastics
  • Industry leader since 1973
Top pick. 6
Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Kit, Glass and Windshield Scratch Removal Kit, 8 Oz of Gordon Glass Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder, 3 inch Felt Polishing Buffing Wheel
  • Cerium oxide is a high-quality polishing compound to restore lightly scratched windows, mirrors, tabletops, windshields, even car headlights to like-new condition. 8 Oz bag
  • 3-inch diameter durable felt polishing wheel can be used with any electric drill or electric grinder
  • Get professional results when you need to remove fine scratches, scuff marks or stubborn stains from glass of any type
  • Slurry of Cerium Oxide polishing compound can be left to dry and later re-used simply by adding a water. Contains no Zinc
  • Professional’s Glass Polishing Kit of choice at an affordable price, and will save you money when considering a glass replacement
Top pick. 7
Erthree 34pcs/Set Glass Polishing Pads Kit Deep Scratch Remover for Window Repair Multifunctional
  • Ceric dioxide is the best polishing powder to glass scratch because the chemical and physical reaction.
  • Widely usage: Great to eliminate scratches on the glass, 34 pieces per set, very pratical.
  • Can be used on any windscreen/ rear or side windows or any other type of glass, such as toughened glass/ double glazed units/ windows/ patio doors/ glass tables/ shower screens/ fish tanks/ aquarium glass.
  • Work the polishing pad over the scratch, keep the glass clean,Widely usage, mix powder with water and apply to the glass surface.
  • Universal Window Grinding Mirrors Scratch Remover, This Glass Polishing Kit can be used to remove wiper blade damage/ scuffs/ traffic film/ water deposits. Note: 1:1 use with water.
SaleTop pick. 8
3 Pcs Windshield Crack Repair Kit, Automotive Glass Nano Repair Fluid Solution, Car Scratch Remover, Window Screen Repair Kit, Windshield Chip Repair Kit
  • POSITIVE EFFECT : As a kind of Car Windshield Repair Kit, it has good repair effect and penetrate the damaged surface of glass, quickly and easily repair small cracks and chips.
  • USE RANGE : The Windshield Repair Agent is only suitable for repairing all types of scratches and cracks, such as cobwebs cracks, bulls-eye cracks, star cracks, and some combination of diameter less than 1 inch (25 mm).Not repair surface pits larger than or cracks longer than 3 / 16 inch (5 mm).
  • EASY TO USE : Firstly, clean and dry the damaged surface of glass, inject the glass repair fluid into the crack area, then lay the cured film on the crack area and moving back and forth to keep the glue smooth. Dry naturally in the sun for 5-10mins, take out the cured film and scrape off the excess glue with the provided blade.
  • ECONOMICAL AND PRACTICAL : This set includes 3 bottles of glass repair fluid, 10 pieces of cured film and 1 piece of blade. Compared with replacing the whole windshield, this set is more economical and practical.
  • 100% QUALITY SERVICE :The Cracked Glass Repair Kit is made of non-toxic and harmless materials. If there are any quality-related issues with the item, please feel free to contact us, we can provide technical support when you need it.
Top pick. 9
AOUTLE Glass Polishing Kit, 34pcs/Set Scratch Remover Kit for Window Windshield Repair, Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder Polish Pad Felt, Polishing Wheel/Polishing Pad for Windscreen Glass
  • Effectively: Ceric dioxide is the best polishing powder to glass scratch because of the chemical and physical reaction.
  • Easy to use: Just mix powder with water and apply to the glass surface with the polishing felt to restore scratched windows, mirrors, car windshields, even car headlights to like-new condition.
  • Practical DIY repair glass kit, multiple kind polishing tool, completely for you.
  • Instructions: Mix the polishing powder and water into a paste (a higher concentration works better). Wet the wool wheel with water, and then evenly apply the mixed polishing powder on the wool wheel to polish it When polishing, please rub the glass back and forth in a straight line. Remember not to draw circles, it will not work!
  • When manually polishing, first use sandpaper to polish the glass until the glass is hairy, and then repeatedly wipe with polishing powder. Be sure to keep it clean and free of impurities. It takes a long time and requires patience. It is only suitable for shallow scratches.
Top pick. 10
Gold Label Detailing Glass Polishing Pad Discs for Use with Cerium Oxide 5 Pack | 3", 5" and 6" | Remove Scratches and Scuffs in Windshields, Windows, Table Tops and More (5")
  • GLASS POLISHING - Remove Light Scratches and Scuffs
  • HOOK AND LOOP BACK - Hook and Loop Backing Plate For Universal Fitment
  • LARGE SURFACE AREA - 5 Inch Felt Pad
  • EASY TO USE - Simply Attach To A Hook And Loop Backing Plate And Polish The Surface With Your Slurry of Choice

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