Flower Gardening – Beautiful And Rich Colors Everywhere!

Flower gardening is getting huger and huger by the day. It’s very popular at the moment and why shouldn’t it be? It brings color and life to your home garden, it’s inexpensive, smell wonderful, is a great hobby and above all, it can really brighten your day. You can use flower gardening to decorate your garden as a hobby or even as a profession.

Getting Started With Flower Gardening

Before getting your hand dirty though you’ll need to take a few things into consideration.

Do you want to replant the plants every year, with annuals, or do you want plants who keep coming back every year? Also when buying plants make sure that they can thrive in the climate you’re living in. And check the daily sunlight requirements as well.

Try to decide upfront what direction you want to go to with flower gardening. Mixing different colors, a variety of flowers of different heights will give you a garden that resembles a meadow. Which some people call “wild-plant style” and can be very charming. Or you can put short flower up front in your garden and as you go towards the back you continually go higher and higher until you reach the back of the gardening site. Which will give you a “stepping stone style” garden?

Ordering the seeds is just as easy as opening a gardening catalog and choosing from there or you can go to a nursery and buy them there. But most people who go to a nursery will end up buying plants instead of seeds and that’s perfectly fine. After you’ve prepared the site and got your flowers ready you’ll need to place them where you want them. Don’t plant them just yet. Just arrange them and see if you like them that way and space them out so they’ve got plenty of room. Then comes the easy part, planting! With seeds, you just need to sprinkle them around on the flower bed. Bought plants will need a whole that’s bigger than the flower itself. Next, you remove them from their container, put them in the hole and cover it with the dug up soil.. The only thing left to do is pressing down firmly and watering them.

Maintaining Your Flower Garden

In terms of maintenance, a flower garden is quite easy to keep. Sometimes they can even thrive on their own, but a bag of fertilizer distributed during the early spring might be a good idea. Keep them watered and pinch back any bloom once they’ve started to fade. Try and save yourself some work by getting rid of debris in your garden and disperse organic nutrients like compost or peat moss. Remember to mix the fertilizer by flipping over the soil and raking it smoothly when you’re finished. Be careful if you’ve got perennial flowers planted though, you wouldn’t want to harm their roots now, would you?

Flower Gardening Is Very Easy

Everybody can start flower gardening, it’s so easy you can teach your children. Just decide where to plant them and then do so. After that, it’s all about water. Flower gardening is becoming more popular with every passing day and gives everybody a wonderful reason to spend time in their garden. Just go out there and put your 10 green fingers to use!

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