Garden Pests Are Common To Most Gardens

I’m sure you’ve probably been through this at least once in your gardening-lifetime.

You walk outside into your garden, feeling great about the beautiful flower garden you’ve created and you start walking into your garden a little further and you start noticing holes in your flowers and plants. What? Holes?! Ooh no! Garden Pests. Yep, those little critters, like worms, birds, snails, slugs, caterpillars and every now and then a gopher. After hundreds of hours of work you’ve put in your home garden, you’re seeing these animals ruin your garden.

One of The Most Annoying Garden Pests Are Insects

Insects live in too many places, like under the soil, in piles of leaves or in old weeds and that’s just naming a few of them. Keeping these insects out of your garden can be done by getting rid of any leaves you’ve got lying around in your garden, removing weeds and any other decaying thing where insects or diseases may live in. Also turn over your soil on a regular basis and crumble clumps of dirt to destroy the homes of those insects and diseases that live in your soil.

Not every insect is harmful to herb gardens though, so be sure to check that out before you start eliminating them. For all other harmful insects, use a dormant spray when your plants are dormant, normally that’s around February or at the beginning of March. I have personally used dormant spray many times and I have seen it perform miracles at keeping insects out of my garden. But be sure not to screw up like I did in the beginning, I bought it for the first time a few years back and deiced to kill everything in my garden that’s harmful. I poured it everywhere I could and in the end, I killed everything including my garden and the one of my neighbor. So read the instructions before you use it.

How To Control Birds

Besides insects, you’ve definitely seen birds coming into your garden. They can ruin your plants and flowers as well and one way to keep birds out of your garden is to get a dog. Well, not every dog is going to do the job because a friend of mine bought a dog for that reason and the birds come to bully the dog! Another thing you can do is getting a bird feeder, although this doesn’t exactly get rid of birds, your plants will be saved from them. They’ll flock to the bird feeder instead of your plants.

I know a gardener who has had a gopher problem. A real infestation of them. He started seeing mounds of dirt and noticed his plants dieing with no apparent reason. He asked me for advice and we started researching the problem, learning about gopher as much as we could.

We learned that they can be black, light brown or white and they’re 5 to 14 inches long and they’ve got a tiny tail. These root-eaters can be taken care of by setting up traps in the right places by its tunnels. Also, you can use smoke bombs and shove them in the tunnels and hopefully it will reach the gopher. A newer invention is a plug you shove in the ground and it sends out a signal, a sound wave which keeps gophers away.

A Final Advice on Gardening Pest Control

If you notice any of these pest arriving in your garden, start the eliminating process immediately. The longer you wait, the more established pests will become and they’ll be harder to get rid off.

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