Getting Started With Vertical And Square Foot Gardening

The willingness to garden might be there, but not having a physical home garden might deter you of any chance of gardening. You may live in an apartment and don’t have a garden and can’t rent on of those plots people use to grow their veggies etc. The solution to your gardening problem is square foot gardening: to grow your plants in containers, like baskets or pots. You can put these containers on your patio, your balcony or your window sill. You can hang them up as well (vertical gardening) and having a few pots or baskets like this can really make your place a lot more nice and definitely classier.

Benefits Of Square Foot Gardening

There are great benefits attached to square foot gardening (or container gardening), like for example, you can move them around as much as you want. As long as your plants get the desired lighting they won’t mind and another thing is that you can simulate every kind of environment that would be ideal for any type of plant. You can do this by using certain types of soil and where you place the plants.

Vertical Gardening

Using plants for aesthetic reasons can be a great way and you can do just that by placing the containers at different types of heights. You can place them on supports or hang them from the ceiling. Which is called “vertical gardening“. When done right you can make the best of your available space and make it look very beautiful. One idea you can use for “vertical gardening” is to use a wooden ladder, you can put the pots or baskets on the different steps and when you arrange them neatly it’ll be a wonderful and classy part of your home with beautiful colors as well.

When you’re vertical gardening you’ll be spending a little more time watering all of the container plants, compared to a traditional garden. But when you think in square footage, you’ll realize that the containers have a lot less square footage than a regular home garden and that heavily reduces the time you spend on maintaining your garden. So overall time between watering and maintenance is more in balance. Keep in mind to keep your plants watered, but don’t over- or under-water your plants!

Buying Containers For Square Foot Gardening

When you go out to buy the containers for your plants, you’ll want to buy them all at once, as well as some extra containers. That way you’ll have some spare ones to use if one of them breaks or you want to add plants. Don’t buy them all in the same size and shape, but definitely buy them all in the same style. We wouldn’t want non-matching containers, right? Plastic containers work best because they hold water really good. But if you want clay or pots made of earth you’ll want to line the inside of the containers with plastic. This aids in keeping the water in the soil for your plants, instead of inside the clay pots. As you know, pots come in different sizes and that will restrict the growth of your plants.

Using the internet, you can find how much root space the specific garden supplies and that gives you a fact, a measurement that you can use when buying your containers. A large plant can be limited in size by choosing a pot that isn’t big enough for the plant to grow to his maximum. This can be very useful if you don’t have enough space for it.

Make A Plan Before Starting With Square Foot Gardening

If all of these benefits sound great, if container gardening is something you want to do. Then you should start off today by planning it out and making a list of plants you want. Do the necessary research, so you can get the right sizes and shapes. When all of that is said and done, the only thing you’ll need to do is arrange them in such a way that your home looks at its best.

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