How to Change A Refrigerator Water Filter

Do you really know how to change your refrigerator water filter? If your refrigerator is relatively new, the whole change process would be easy and quick. For most refrigerators, once you unscrew its old filter, normally the water supply will be shut off automatically. However, if this is not true, you may need to shut the water off before changing the old filter. For example, if you use a secondary filter, the filter is not attached to the appliance. And in this situation, you need to turn off the water first.

Another important thing you need to consider is to buy the replacement filter for your fridge. If you know the brand and the model well, you can order the replacement filter online. You can order 2 or 3 packs, so that you can save much more money. These online retailers include Amazon, Home Depot, or Lowes. I highly recommend you to get 2 or 3 packs on Amazon due to its affordable prices. However, if you know less about the model, you also can take the old filter to a local home improvement or hardware to buy the same one. If the one you will buy completely matches your old one up, it will work for you.

Generally, there are two types of refrigerator filters: Twist-on filters and push-in filters. The installation of them is a little different.

Twist on filters:

You can easily find this type of filter inside, in the front or in the back of your fridge. The changing process is pretty easy:

  • Turn the old filter a 1/4 turn counterclockwise
  • Pull it out of its housing
  • Put the old knob on the new replacement filter
  • Push the replacement filter into its housing
  • Turn the filter a 1/4 clockwise to make it locked into its position.
  • Dispense a gallon of water
  • Throw away the dispensed water because there is some carbon residue in the new filter.

The last 2 steps are very important. Once you reinstall a new filter, don’t use the water coming from the new filter and this is helpful to remove the residue left by the new filter.

Push In filters

You can find this type of inline water filter inside, in the bottom grille, in the front, in one of the drawers, in the back or in the top towards of your fridge. Different fridges vary. The following steps can help you easily change it:

  • Release the old water filter by pushing its button
  • Pull the old one out
  • Take off the old filter’s cap
  • Push the cap onto the new replacement filter
  • Push the new filter with a cap into its position and it will be locked into its position automatically.
  • Discard the first 1 or 2 gallons of water to wash its filter, because some carbon residue is in the new filter.

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