How to choose The Best Whole House Water Filter For Your Home

With the many contaminants around our waters today we need the best whole house water filter to protect our families from getting allergies of all sorts and other ailments. Also an impure water can create damage to the various home appliances that the water gets in contact with.

While some areas of the country have clean tap water, this is not the case for many cities and towns, which means that there is a clear danger for people to get sick. With a water filter for the whole house there is no longer any danger of contamination and this is particularly relevant if you have kids in the house.

It is very easy to install a whole house water filter if you have a water line already in place. All you need is connect it to it so that the water gets effectively filtered out from impurities before it reaches your faucets. Of course there is more to the installation in the home, but this is the basic idea behind it.

So what are the benefits of using the best whole house water filter at home?

  • First of all you can purify the entire water flow in the house. Unlike the various bottled water dispensers that are there to pour water in glasses, with a  whole house water filter system you handle a large amount of water in one go.
  • It removes the sediments from the water along with eliminating any bad taste and smell the unclean water might have otherwise.
  • It removes the chlorine that will never reach the main water supply. We know how dangerous coming into contact with chlorine on a regular basis is for our health, starting from taking showers in chlorine water, brushing our teeth, flushing the toilet and basically inhaling all the chlorine whenever we have untreated water around us. Chloring is known for creating chloroform gas which is quite dangerous when inhaled and absorbed through the skin leading to the bloodstream.
  • It removes any other harmful volatile chemicals that might affect our health from coming into contact with them.
  • If you’ve tasted the tap water and compared it to bottled water, you know the difference in taste and quality. The best whole house water filter simply adds a bottled water quality to the regular drinking water. You will never have to resort buying bottled water ever again.

How to choose the best whole house water filter

Currently there is an overwhelmingly large assortment of whole house water filters available on the market. Many times people are confused as to which model, brand and functionality to go for. One important element in choosing the best water filtration system for the home is based on the type of contaminants your particular water has. Some of the more common contaminants that exist in the water that enters our homes are: sediments, iron, various chemicals, hardness minerals, and chlorine. While some are simply making your water smell and taste bad, others are downright dangerous to anyone’s health.

It is very easy to obtain water analysis reports from the local municipal authorities, so then you will know the type of contaminants your water has and based on that you can have a better idea as to the type of whole house water filter that you will need to get. Except for removing the various water contaminants, they can also remove the water hardness that so many homes are affected by quite a lot.

When deciding on the best whole house water filter for your home you need to take these points into consideration:

  • The size of the filter – this affects the pressure of the water and its rate of flow. Most filter sizes that are used by homeowners are around 4.5×20 inches.
  • The filter type and the layer – The more layers a filter has, the more chances of removing most contaminants from the water.
  • Flow rate – The flow rate is measured in GPM – gallons per minutes. The usual capacity should be more than 10 GPM. The average for most homes is 15-40 GPM.
  • Filter lifeshelf – Filters need replacing eventually. The more often you need to replace it, the more money you will spend, so try to find systems with rather long lasting filters before they need replacing.

The best whole house water filter for your home is the reverse osmosis water system. It is really a quality water filtering process that removes unwanted particles and contaminants from your water effectively. By using a reverse osmosis system in your home you will be able to use pure water not only for drinking but also for showering, cooking, doing the laundry, and pretty much anything else that requires water in the house.

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