How to Ease Pool Maintenance? 10 New Pool Tools Help

Pools owners are always on the lookout for the latest pool products to make it easy to maintain their pool. They are typically interested in new pool accessories that save money, time and effort. The following are some tools that can make pool maintenance easier for you.

In The Swim Filterballs Blu Advanced Replacement Sand Pool Filter Media

The In The Swim Filterballs is an innovative product that transformed pool maintenance. This filter media enhances your sand filters. One pound of these FilterBalls is similar to a hundred pounds of sand. They have a lower working pressure and have a flow rate that is 45 percent better. Filterballs can filter up to 10 microns in size and are recyclable. These tool save money, time, and effort. I’ll be using Filterballs on my pool in two weeks instead of the Hayward Sand Filter.

Leaf Bone – Leaf Net Skimmer Clip

The Leaf Bone – Leaf Net Skimmer Clip is an innovative device that can help keep your pool clean. The device is quite simple. It attaches easily into standard pool ladders or a hand rail. The opposite end is attached to any ordinary leaf net. It lets the net hang out in the water and facilitates cleaning. The clip can be left in the water. It is designed to trap leaves that fall into the pool before they sink. Using the device will allow you to have a cleaner pool and prevent jamming of your skimmer basket once fall comes.

24” Commercial Strength Leaf Net of In The Swim

The next tool is simply an improvement of a conventional pool cleaning tool. It is a leaf net that was tweaked to give it a beveled edge to easily move debris into its wide mouth. The leaf net mouth of the tool is 24 inches wide. It is made of a durable aluminum frame with a protective plastic rim. The tool also features a dial-layer fabric net with a soft mesh. These components allow the tool to last for a long period of time. Some owners have this tool for years already and have no problems with it. It allows them to dredge heavy debris from the pool easily.

Confer Plastics SKIM-IT Swimming Pool Skimmer Surface Cleaner

The Confer Plastics SKIM-IT Swimming Pool Skimmer Surface Cleaner has been in the market for some time already. It is a bestseller in a number of e-commerce sites. The tool is an innovative invention aimed at making pool cleaning easy. It can be install easily without using any tools. The tool extends the reach of a pool skimmer. It can draw leaves into a basket and many owners are satisfied with the tool.

SkimDoctor 2.0 For InGround Pools

The SkimDoctor 2.0 For InGround Pools is a hands-free tool to help the filtration process of your pool. It can easily attach into the skimmer basket of your in-ground pool. The tool can increase the suction power of the skimmer and creates a vortex system that pulls in debris into the skimmer basket. It increases the speed by three times, which triples its capacity. Variable pumps are ideal when using a low speed mode since it can easily adjust to the low suction level. The tool is compatible with many skimmer baskets and can be installed easily. It is one product may pool owners should have to keep their pools clean.

Inflatable Animals and Fantasy Beasts!

Inflatable animals and beasts are also useful in maintaining the cleanliness of the pool while you are not around. They scare away birds from getting into the pool. This is an issue that affects pool owners in certain times of the year. During these times birds normally fly in from their homes in Florida during winter and stay in for the summer. They use the pool to bathe themselves. Due to this, algae and bacteria may thrive. Inflatable animals and beasts keep these birds out as well as snakes and gators. They also add to the visual appeal of the pool, which makes it Instagrammable.

Shock Value Packs from In The Swim

The Shock Value Packs are new items in the Swim Brand of products. These products are considered best sellers for the company. Chemical value packs have always been appealing to many customers. It allows them to save on money while keeping their pools clean. The value pack includes an algaecide and clarifier to ensure the pool looks good all the time. Each dose on the value pack were customized for owners of in-ground pools and above ground pools.

Replacement Salt Cells from In The Swim

Replacement salt cells from In The Swim are available for pool owners whose salt cells are not producing as much chlorine as before. They are also used to replace the salt cells in case the metal plate joints of the original cells get broken. These replacements are suitable for Aquarite, Swimpure, Aqualogic, and Hayward, among others. The availability of replacements also allow pool owners to save a good amount of money in ensuring their pools are well-maintained.

Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum from Intex

The Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum from Intex received rave reviews from customers who already tried the product. Owners of soft-side pools like the PureSpa, Utlra Frame Easy Set, or the Metal Frame from Intex may not have filter systems designed to vacuum the pool. While a leaf rake can be used for heavy debris, a rechargeable pool vacuum can be used. The pool vacuum from Intex is lightweight and can be used for spot cleaning of the pool. It is powerful and features a pair of interchangeable heads. The tool is also useful for other types of pools and not limited to a spa or small pool. It may be used to make the steps or swimout cleaner than using a pool cleaner.

Above Ground Pool LED Light from Carvin

The last tool on the list is for owners of above ground pools. While it may appear to be an accessory, it is actually an enhanced version of the Aqualuminator. The Above Ground Pool LED Light from Carvin has a 15-inch three-prong waterproof plug. It can be plug into any GFCI power outlet. The tool is suitable for existing return wall pool fittings, which makes you look good at your return. The Above Ground Pool LED Light is suitable for cleaning small pools at night. It features a 12-volt LED pool light that is bright but does not use up a lot of electricity.

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