How to Heat Your Home – Options for Heating Your Home

If you are just renovating your old home or building a new house, you also need to consider how to heat your home. This is one of your main items that you need to take into account to complete your current project. You will find even your existing heating system is often subject to review. This is because the operating cost tends to fluctuate as the fuels’ prices fluctuate from one year to the next. And it is common to revise your current heating strategy in order to gain efficiency, so that your overall heating cost can be reduced. Sometimes, the revise is complete. This means you may need to replace your existing heating system with a high efficiency one.

The fuels you use to heat your home also vary in efficiency and the efficiency may depend on the area you live. The fuel may be cheap in your area, while it may be very expensive at the other end of the earth. Therefore, if you pursuit energy efficiency, you need to buy heating appliances that are certified as Energy Star and our energy saving tips in the following can also help you take a good use of these appliances, resulting in reducing your overall heating costs.

Sometimes, you also need supplemental heating to work with your current heating system and it can help to reduce the operating costs. When it comes to choosing heating systems for your home, your decisions depend on your budget and which fuel you decide to choose in your area. If the fuel is not available in your area, you will pay the price. First, you need to decide on your main heating system, and then choose supplemental or alternative heating sources which can help to reduce the heating costs.

However, no matter which type of heating systems you finally decide to buy and install, you also need to keep in mind that maintenance is very important for getting the most efficiency. Generally, maintenance includes recommended qualified service, or regular filter changes that can be done by the homeowner.

If you use any type of wood or liquid fuel to service a hot water heater or a cooking range, or just heating your home, a carbon monoxide detector should be installed to ensure the using safety. And you should install it in the RV’s when using propane gas.

The appliance you buy should not only meet local codes but also the safety regulations.

Electric Heating

There are several types of electric heating, like whole-home furnaces, multi-function units which can also provide heating as well as air conditioning. There are also many supplemental space or zone heating systems, like baseboard heaters, infrared heaters, etc. These heaters can enhance the main heating system and warm up some cold zones.

Natural Gas Heating

In some areas, thanks to the lower price, natural gas heating becomes more cost effective than oil, electricity or propane gas. You can choose a whole-home furnaces or a fireplace. Natural gas is clean and safe to use. When you use natural gas to heat your home, you also can reap more economies because you also can use it to fuel a cooking range or drier, heat hot water, even fuel an outdoor barbecue. However, you need to hire a qualified technician to complete the natural gas connection.

Propane Gas Heating

Propane gas is widely used as a camping fuel for cooking, refrigeration and heating, but it is also good for indoor heating or outdoor patio heating. Although the operating cost of propane gas appliances is more expensive than natural gas appliances, in some areas, people only can choose propane gas as their heating fuel because other fuels may be not available. Professional installation and servicing are required and propane gas heating appliances are different from space heaters or fireplaces that don’t only supple clean heat but also enhance our indoor decor. If you decide to buy a propane heater, you should know where you need to use it, indoors or outdoors.

Oil Heating Systems

Oil heating has a very long history. It used to be very popular as the only choice for home heating. Even today, in some areas, it remains the only choice available for home heating. The operating costs fluctuate as the oil prices fluctuate. Therefore, if oil prices are high, oil heating may be more expensive. On the market, there are many different oil burning heating appliances which are different from sizes and shapes. You can choose a large furnace, fireplace or room space heater. And just remember the installation also needs to be completed by a professional.

Hot Water (Baseboard) Heating

Hot water radiator r baseboard heating uses a boiler system and can have a network of hot water radiators in your house. Hot water heater is more cost effective and such a heating system is often installed when the house is being constructed. They have been improved in recent years both for efficiency and installation process. Of course, the initial cost may be a little high, but it is also great for some homes.

There is another type of hot water heating systems. This system has a wood-burning boiler furnace outdoors and the boiler is connected to pipes in the home. Water is heated in the boiler and transferred to your home via piping. Of course, this system is simple and needs plenty of wood as the fuel and you need to have enough outdoor space. And make sure the local codes permit you to do that. This type of hot water heating system is perfect for heating in rural areas, because other fuels are not easy to obtain or expensive.

Geothermal Heating Systems

Geothermal heating is regarded as one of the cleanest heating sources. It uses a special technology to harness terrestrial heat below our earth.

Multifunction Cooling/Heaing Systems

For people who live in a hot climate, multi-function systems that combine cooling with heater would be the perfect choices, because this can help reap the cost saves maximally. They come in whole home central systems and portable multi-function systems.

Outdoor Portable Gas Heaters

Sometimes, besides your existing heating system, you may need some supplemental heaters because of their super portability. Portable gas heaters may use gas, propane, kerosene or oil and they are designed for outdoor use. Therefore, they are perfect for construction sites or camping. Of course, there are many outdoor propane heaters which are very popular as a heating source to heat decks, pools or patios. 

Heating With Wood

If fossil fuels or electricity are not easy to access, wood becomes the best choice. Wood heater is a cost-efficient way to heat your room or home. No matter it is a fireplace, furnace, or a pellet stove, wood heater is practical. However, the supply of wood is very important. Other factors like stove maintenance, safety guidelines also need to be considered. And it can be used as a supplemental heating source, resulting in reduce the overall cost of heating your home.

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