Instant Heat Water Heaters – Get Hot Water in a Flash

If you want to get hot water in a flash, an instant heat water heater is your best choice. Once you have one, it can provide you with hot water instantaneously. Well, one thing must be noticed. If the water heater is located a little far away from your bathtub, shower, or the sink, you may need to wait a short time for the hot water. Sometimes, you may feel it is a long time to wait. However, this is not one drawback of this type of tankless water heaters. Therefore, when you install your heater, install it nearby your shower, bathtub or the sink.

Offer Water Instantaneously

An instant heat water heater heats the water at the same time as it passes through the heater. This can be energy-efficient. In the heater, there is an electric heater that is used to heat the tubes. Water flows through these tubes to be heated. Therefore, it can offer you hot water without waiting.

The Hidden Success

Compared with whole house water heaters, instant heat tankless water heaters are more compact and you even can install them under the sink, if you want hot water from your faucet. The water connection is pretty easy, just cut in between the sink connection and the supply line. They are perfect for tool sheds or garages where hot water is not available. Having hot water in these places to wash your hands in cold winter will be great.

How It Works

To make it work, it needs to be plugged into a 125v outlet after the water lines are connected. Once you turn on your water faucet, the flow switch will detect the water flow and then turns the heater on to heat the water flowing. Therefore, it is very convenient and you can get instantaneous hot water. Well, a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet is needed to install, so that the heater can be powered well. The unit needs a 20-amp circuit to power it.


Just remember, thankless water heaters mentioned above are not the whole house tankless water heaters. They are just single-area water heaters. Therefore, don’t be confused. They are only designed to heat water at one sink. If you need a heater to provide hot water for your faucet, shower and bathtub, a whole house tankless water heater is the right choice.

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