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Gopher Poison More Dangerous Than You Think.


Gopher poison can cause unintended harm to other animals in the process of eliminating the rodent.  One of the main drawbacks of using poisons to eliminate or control gopher problems is the possibility of family pets ingesting the poison by accident.  Veterinarians can confirm that there have been numerous cat and dog patients that ate dead or sick gophers that consumed toxic poison.

One of the most important things people that use poisons forget is to follow the directions listed on the package.  The proper use and storage of these kinds of poison also help curtail any accidental poisoning.  If poison gets spilt near the ground surface some folks do not clean it up immediately.  This could lead to a tragic accident!

Another thing, if people use poison to control gophers near a vegetable garden they run the risk of crop contamination.  They must be sure to keep the poison a safe distance from fruit trees.  Any fruit trees near the treated area may absorb the poison too.  Using regular household items like scoops and spoons is a bad idea also.  They must make sure to use disposable items like plastic scoops or spoons that can be thrown away when finished.

If you are concerned with avoiding the dangers of accidental poisoning, we recommend using gopher traps in your lawn or garden.  Trapping is an effective method that controls and removes unwanted gophers from the lawn or garden.  If you properly implement a gopher trap it can eliminate gopher problems in a few days.

Get Rid of Gophers Naturally.

Gophers can be a serious nuisance.  However, the great news is that you can get rid of them humanely.  No matter what some people think rodent poisons are not long-term solutions.  It doesn’t matter how many they kill there are usually just as many to replace the dead ones.  In order to get rid of gophers for the long-term, you must make your property unappealing to gophers or impossible for them to get to.  The trick is making that happen.  It is not that easy!

If gophers attack your flower or vegetable beds build raised beds.  Raised beds make gardening easier and protection underneath keeps burrowing animals out.  Make the bed gopher proof by laying down a sheet of hardware cloth to cover the bottom of the flower bed.  A second trick is to install rhizome barriers around the beds.  Rhizome barrier is used to contain rapidly spreading plants but double as a way to keep out gophers.

Gophers can be caught without harm using live traps.  Get live traps designed for small rodents.  Then, move them to a wilderness area.  However, if you are not experienced in trapping live rodents it is best to leave this to professionals.  You may want to give a local pest control company a call.

Once you get rid of the gophers consider building a barrier around your property.  A solid fence buried 6-12 inches into the ground around the property’s perimeter.  This is usually enough to get the gophers from getting in.

Alter the smells from your lawn and garden using non-toxic repellents that make gopher foods unappetizing.  These solutions can be found online.  You simply attach the container to your water hose and spray the repellent around the property.

Another thing to consider is sonic rodent-repelling devices.  These devices create vibration and noise that annoys the gopher.  This is an inexpensive way to get rid of gophers too.

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