How to Mosquito Control in home?

7 Natural Mosquito Repellents.

Mosquito Control in home

When summer comes around it is best to be prepared for those pesky mosquitoes.  If you don’t want to cover yourself with chemicals to repel them then this article is for you.  We will discuss simple natural mosquito repellents.

The most common and accepted natural mosquito repellent is the citronella candle.  This is a solid product but it has a narrow reach.  If there is a solid wind you can forget it! Try these:

1) Citronella oil on your pulse points (wrist, neck, and temples)

2) Brew some yarrow tea, put it in a mister and spray it on yourself.  This is a solid alternative for children because it doesn’t smell as strong.

3) Natural vanilla oil is good for repelling mosquitoes.  Rub on your pulse points. Do not confuse yourself with synthetics.  This will attract them.

4) Cloves are great repellents too.  Get some oil and rub it on your pulse points.  However, use caution because it could irritate your skin.

5) Lavender is a good repellent also.  Flowers or oil are good choices.  Just rub into your pulse points.

6) Ingesting garlic (in advance) is a solid repellent.  This works its way into your system and keeps the pests away.  You can also plant garlic around the house.  It will keep the bugs away during the summer and give you the garlic in the fall.  You can also buy garlic oil concentrate and spray it around the yard.

7. Some other oils with good repellent qualities are eucalyptus, cinnamon, castor, rosemary, cedar, and peppermint.

For anyone that doesn’t want to smell like they just fell into a chemical bath all of these alternatives are great.  These natural scents may take some getting used to but they are quite effective.

Almost-Natural Mosquito Control.

It doesn’t matter if you happen to be talking about natural mosquito control or synthetic mosquito control, the best and most effective mosquito control system is one that kills mosquitoes in multiple ways.  However, this article discusses the natural methods of mosquito control.

The best mosquito control systems go after the insects in the water before they become adults.  The system destroys them immediately or makes them want to leave your yard and hang out somewhere else.

Some mosquito control systems are pretty high-tech too.  They may not be completely natural but have a low impact on the environment but really knock out the mosquitoes.

One of the most well-known of these burns propane.  This creates carbon dioxide and it lures in the mosquitoes.  Yes, we get it, burning propane isn’t quite natural but these devices use propane at an extremely low rate.

The device traps the mosquitoes.  This is a wonderful alternative to spraying some nasty insecticide, no?  Even though the device isn’t completely natural it has much less negative impact on the environment.

Another great example of semi-natural mosquito control is classic mosquito repellent appliances.  They use natural insect repellants like those found in chrysanthemum flowers.  This is good mosquito repellant but does require you to carry it around and use it as a mosquito barrier.  This isn’t too natural either.

Look, if you can’t keep mosquitoes under control using only natural means always keep in mind that there are plenty of mosquito control systems that are environmentally friendly.  It doesn’t mean that they are completely natural but work just the same and in most cases even better.

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