A Review on Gardening Equipment

Close to every gardener has at least one type of gardening equipment. It’s extremely hard and undesirable to take care of your garden without any gardening tools whatsoever. The type of gardening equipment you use is going to depend on the size of your garden, the shape, the size of your wallet, the time you want to spend gardening and whether or not you’re able to use the tools.

Different Types of Gardening Equipment

Not every gardener can or wants to use the latest of the latest gardening equipment or expensive tools, but nearly every gardener does have some type of gardening tool made just for cultivating. Those tools can be both gardening hand tools and power tools. The choice you make totally depends on how serious you are in terms of gardening. Hand gardening equipment is things like rakes, trowels, spading forks, shovels, and diggers. Their use is to get the garden ready to be planted and they’re easy to work with and don’t require you to be really strong. Some other equipment can be a pickaxe, a mattock, and a wheel cultivator.

Powertools, on the other hand, are more expensive to buy and aren’t for everybody. But they really do cut down on the hard labor you’re putting in. If you’re going to buy one gardening power tool only, let it be a tiller. It’ll break up the soil, ready it for planting, mix the fertilizer or compost in really good and it will help you to chop up any debris. Spending that kind of money isn’t for everybody and therefore you can just rent someone to do it for you with his gardening tools or you can hire a tiller for one day or a few hours. Other popular power tools are garden shredders, chainsaws, and chippers.

You may have hedges, trees (both small and large) and/ or shrubs in your yard. If so you’ll need pruning tools. Pruning sheers, for example, these things are vital in your gardening equipment arsenal. They can be used for branches of up to a quarter inch thick in diameter, for anything bigger you can use lopping shears, they can take branches about half an inch up to two inches.

Pole pruners is almost the same, except it’s attached to a pole, allowing you to work up to 15 feet up above the ground or platform you’re standing on. There are hedge shears and a pruning saw as well, which are both larger, heavier, more expensive and are pruning tools for the more serious gardener.

There’s one thing every one of your plant’s needs and that’s water. And since rain dances don’t always work the way they should, you are going to need some sort of gardening equipment to take care of that. A water hose, for example, will do just fine. But there are gardeners who have resorted to sprinklers and drip irrigation systems which are more effective and easier to use. Especially since there are timers available for both. The only downside is that it’ll cost you a bit more.

Importance of Good Gardening Equipment

Whether you like it or not you’ll need some type of gardening equipment. Sure you can use your hands to dig a hole and plant your flowers etc. But you’ll still need basic tools to take care of your garden. Good gardening equipment is as important as the soil and the plants or seeds you’ll be using.

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