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Roof Rat Control

When you see rats in the pet store or on television commercials they are usually cute and cuddly.  They are even glorified in movie roles!

However, the truth is that rats and rat infestation poses health risks, compromises your home’s structure and can make it look plain ugly.  There are plenty of ways to “rat-proof” your home.  The best way to do this is to use preventative measures to control rat problems.

Roof Rats – A Common Rat Infestation Problem

Roof rats are black rats and are an incredible nuisance.  This breed of rat reproduces quickly and carries so many diseases the list can fill a small book!  These rats are inactive most of the day and come out at night.  This makes it difficult to get rid of them.

Roof rat problems start when they find ways into your home.  This is usually through small spaces, pipes, vents, and rooflines.  They nest in attics, brush, shrubs, and trees.  They create hazards beyond health and hygiene. These rodents chew through plumbing, wiring, and even insulation!  Roof rat infestation leads to very expensive problems and other predator pests looking to eat a roof rat for dinner.  Yuck!

Fighting Roof Rat Problems

Here are a few things to consider if you want to keep your home or other property roof rat-free:

Keep your food contained.  This includes pet food.  Never leave it in open bags or containers.  Rats have a very sensitive nose and can find pet food quite easily.  They love to eat dog and cat food.  They also take it back to their offspring.

Make sure to seal all the sources of entry into your home.  All of the building seals must be functional.  You should also make sure repairs around the roofline and on the roof are done effectively.  Some of the smallest spaces can invite a rat infestation.

Another must do item is taking care of your lawn.  Excess tall weeds, excess brush, and poorly maintained shrubs are a breeding ground for roof rats and other rodents.

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