Tips on Starting Your Own Rose Garden

Rose Garden
Roses are something pictured off as an annoyance to grow and maintain. But don’t let that rumor put you off if you’ve been thinking of starting a rose garden. Rose gardening can be a bit challenging sometimes, but as soon as you get comfortable with it, you’ll see it isn’t hard at all!


Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few types of roses. And no it’s not white, red or any other color of rose. I’m talking about bare-root roses, pre-packaged roses, and roses grown in containers. Bare-root roses are mostly being sold in the winter periods and in the early spring as well. They are planted when the frosts have just passed by and the ground has turned a bit warm and workable once again. Pre-packaged roses are basically bare-root roses which are sold in a box with something around it to keep the moisture-level steady. They sometimes use sawdust for this. Roses that are grown in containers, well, they are actually grown in containers. You weren’t expecting that, where you? Mostly they’ll be budding or are blooming when they’re up for sale in the early springtimes.

Planting Your First Roses

When it comes to planting the roses it’s not really that much different than with any other plant you’ve planted. The important thing, as always is to have a good and healthy soil for your roses. Whether you’re planting bare-root roses or container-grown ones, planting them is basically the same as you would with any other shrub. Make sure the soil has good drainage, gets lots of sunlight and that your roses won’t be overcrowded. First remove any dead plants, leaves and thin or decaying roots. Damaged and long roots need to be removed before you plant your roses. Bare-root roses need to be soaked for ten to twelve hours before you plant them to get the moisture-level in the roots up again. Make the planting site wet as well and dig a hole that big enough for the growth of the roots of the roses. Use compost mixer or mulch, because as with any plant, roses love the extra nutrients they can get.

Fertilizers For Your Rose Garden

You must remember that roses are exactly the same as other plants. They have needs and even are a bit needier than other plants. Remember that roses are heavy feeders and they’ll need several fertilizer applications. You should start fertilizing in the early spring and continue until early fall. Don’t over-fertilize them though and read the instructions of the fertilizer carefully! Roses require to be watered twice a week, thoroughly and it should be done after each feeding.

We all know pruning is essential when it comes to flower gardening. It will increase the blooms and will encourage your plants to grow healthy. Do research before you start pruning because different types of roses need different types of pruning done to them.

As always, the most important thing is to water your roses. Keep watering them. And with roses, you need to remember using the right amount of fertilizer and nutrients. And keep on pruning those roses, to ensure a healthy and controlled growth. I know rose gardening is a bit more work and roses themselves require a bit more attention. But roses are by for one of the most beautiful and unique flowers, so they’re definitely worth that extra bit of work!

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