Top 7 Different Types of Electric Heaters for Your home

Although there are plenty of heating options for your home, like natural gas, propane gas, oil, or even wood, electric heaters are also very popular and common due to their wide availability in most areas. Even if electric heat is not the most efficient cost-wise way to heat your home, its convenience makes it more popular than other types of heating. Some types of electric heat are pretty easy to install or don’t require any installation.

When it comes to choosing an electric heater, you also need to note the electricity price in your area, because electricity is market-driven and in some areas, electric heat may be expensive and in most areas, electric heat is so cheap. For most people who live in this country, at least, electric heaters can be used as a good supplemental heating source.

When it comes to efficiency, many factors will influence the result. An electric furnace can be more efficient where other heaters are not. And even if you installed 2 completely same appliances in 2 rooms, you may get different efficiency. Factors, like the home’s structure, insulation and format can influence the heaters over efficiency, as well as the distribution of heat.

Since many factors may affect the overall efficiency, consumers should choose Energy-Star or energy efficient heating products at least, because this can enhance the overall efficiency maximally. And then you need to look for ways to enhance the efficiency of your whole room by enhancing your existing heating system. In the following, we will discuss the main types of electric heat for home and some of them can give you some idea to make your home more energy-efficient and some of them can be a good supplemental heat for your home.

Whole-Home Electric Heating Systems

On the market, at least two main types of whole home electric heating systems are available to choose from, including radiant and forced-air heating. Forced-air heater will push out the heat from its heat source. With a furnace, heat is distributed to the whole home via a series of dusts. If the heater is smaller, in order to warm a room, forces air will be expelled with the use of a fan.

Radiant heat works differently. It delivers heat that radiates to the whole room. You can build a network of convection, baseboard or other types of radiant heaters to from your home’s main heating system. On the market, there are many electric heaters that are different from sizes or styles, like space heaters, furnace heaters, ceiling or wall-mounted heaters.

Heat pumps and exchangers either as a whole-home heater or combined with air conditioning in a multi-function air/heat exchanger, can help to save your overall costs for the home’s main comfort systems.

When it comes to buying a main home heating system, the one you plan to buy should have the proper size according to the size of your home. If you don’t know how to start, you can ask a heating technician for help and you will know the exact size of the heating system that is ideal for your home.

In-Floor Radiant Heaters

in-floor-radiant-heaterIf you are looking for a way to heat your home more energy-efficiently, you probably can consider the in-floor radiant heating that must be installed during the constructing process. You can choose a whole-home system or it also can be used for some smaller projects, like bathroom floors, bedroom floors, etc.

The installation is a little complicated and you’d better hire professionals to do the job. However, considering its efficiency and ease of use, it is worth installing.

Baseboard Electric Heaters

fahrenheat-fbe15002-electric-baseboard-1000-wattAlso known as zone heaters, baseboard heaters are the most common type of space heating systems. It requires a 220v installation. Generally, one is only used for one room, but you install one in each room. For example, if you don’t install a whole-home heater when your house was building, you can choose to install several baseboard heaters for each room, to heat your whole home. Although you may need to hire professional to install them, there is no furnace or ducting required. Therefore, it may be perfect for some homes

These heaters generally offer wall-mounted thermostats or on-board adjustable, so the heat control is easy. Due to their installation places, they are called baseboard heaters. They come in many sizes and limited colors. Compared with portable heaters, they are more energy-efficient.

Convection Heaters

electric heatersConvection heaters are often also referred as a special type of baseboard heating, but they are different because of different heating technology and different installation. They need 220v installation. The installation is similar to traditional baseboard heaters. They are more energy efficient than traditional baseboard heaters. They consume up to 30% less energy. Some of them feature a low profile design, so it is difficult to distinguish between convection heaters and baseboard heaters.

Portable Room Heaters

mr-heater-mh18b-portable-propanePortable room heaters are also very popular because of their ease of use and affordability. You just need to plug one heater into a standard wall outlet, it can offer heat. And you can move it to anywhere you like, as long as there is a standard wall outlet.

Portable room heaters that have oscillation features are the most popular type, because it can quickly heat up a room by evenly distributing heat. You also can choose a ceiling-mounted radiant heater for your garage or home shop.

Most of them are designed for heating a relatively small room, while some of them are also adequate to heat up large spaces. They are not as energy efficient as convection or baseboard heaters, but they are more portable and convenient. They allow you to add a little more heat, so your room will become more comfortable.

Once you have some portable room heater, you can use them as supplemental heaters, so you can turn down your center heating system. This can help to reduce your energy bill overall.

Portable Infrared Heaters

They are very new on the market, because they use infrared technology to heat. And they also feature a special design. For example, many electric infrared heaters are designed to be similar to a side table. Therefore, you can always find a right place to fit it in with your room and furnishings

Although they seem a little heavier and bulkier, they are also portable thanks to their wheels. Therefore, you will find it is so easy to move one from one room to another.

Electric Fireplaces

electric-fireplaceElectric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular in recent years, even if they are not the most energy efficient. However, people love their styles. You can add a focal point easily in your room, as long as there is a standard plug-in nearby. They are also convenient to use, because most of them offer a remote. Just press the button on the remote; it will begin to heat your room. Of course, it is able to add atmosphere to your room.

Generally, they come in several styles, including freestanding units, traditional-looking fireplace units and compact portable models. Some of them even come with mantel and storage, making them more practical.

If you decide to buy an electric fireplace for heating, you need to pay attention to its BTUs. Small ones are perfect for transferring, while a physical size can well fit in with your current room’s decor.

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