Vacuum Food Sealer Buying Guide

People who shop in bulk due to the savings they get can consider getting a vacuum food sealer to allow them to save more money. Vacuum sealers are basically simple devices designed to seal and preserve not only food items, but household products as well.

Suctioning air from containers and bags removes all the oxygen inside. Food items stored inside a refrigerator decays faster when they are exposed to oxygen. A number of vacuum food sealers are capable of extending the shelf life of food items by five times compared to standard storage methods.

In this situation, you can divide a ten-pound bag of chicken thighs into separate servings before vacuum sealing them in individual bags and storing them inside a freezer. You can simply take out the bags you need when you are ready to cook them. You will not have to open a big bag containing all the items and avoid exposing all of them to air. You only take out the other vacuum sealed bags when you are ready to cook them. The name itself indicates that air is sucked out of closed spaces, like containers or bags, to create a vacuum to keep the products in a sealed environment.

These devices offer versatility and different functions. Vacuum sealing food items can maintain their freshness five times more than using standard storage methods. When food items are vacuum sealed, the device takes out air and moisture that can cause molds to grow and food to spoil.

Vacuum sealers are used to heat seal different meat, fish, and poultry products as well as fruits and vegetables to allow them to be stored for a long time. But, these devices are not limited to food items. They can be used to vacuum seal jewelry and silverware to protect them from staining and maintain their luster. These devices can also be used to protect important documents from deterioration. This protects documents like marriage licenses and birth certificates from getting torn or becoming yellow. Some vacuum sealer models also feature a special port allowing them to vacuum seal large bags, canisters and jars.

Types of Vacuum food Sealers

There are two main kinds of vacuum sealers in the market. These devices can be classified into two depending on how they work.

  • Commercial vacuum sealer or chamber vacuum sealer
  • External Vacuum Sealer

Commercial Vacuum Sealers or Chamber Vacuum Sealers

While these vacuum sealer devices are mainly for industrial and commercial use, they can also be used at home. They are more expensive compared to external vacuum sealers. They can also remove more air compared to nozzle types or out-of-chamber vacuum sealers. These vacuuming and sealing process of these devices occur inside a chamber, which is its main difference compared to out-of-chamber vacuum sealers.

This vacuum sealing method works best with moist or liquid products since they allow you to avoid spillage. This means the gravy or juices of the food will remain on the dish even after you store it. It also maintains the moistness of leftovers, which makes them delicious even after you reheat them. It is similar to the frozen dinner you have at home. Other features offered by chamber vacuum sealers include the following:

  • They offer better vacuum level than out-of-chamber vacuum sealers.
  • The vacuum sealing process happens inside a chamber.
  • Users choose the suction level they require.
  • They feature longer heat sealing bars compared to out-of-chamber vacuum sealers.
  • They feature an integrated high-power pump or compressor.
  • They are heavier than out-of-chamber vacuum sealers.

External Vacuum Sealers

External vacuum sealers are normally used inside the home. These devices are compact and used mainly for smaller vacuum sealing jobs. There are also a number of hand-held models of these devices that use batteries as their power source. There are two main types of external vacuum sealers:

  • Food saver vacuum sealer
  • Portable vacuum sealer
  • The main features of external vacuum sealing devices are as follows:
  • User-friendly
  • Bags can be held during the vacuum sealing process allowing you to monitor the vacuuming status and requirements of the package.
  • Requires minimal maintenance or oil change.
  • Vacuuming process limited to the bag being vacuum sealed.
  • The process can be used in sealing all bag sizes and vacuum channel sizes.

Evaluating what you need

You should make the necessary research before you buy a vacuum sealer. A commercial vacuum sealer is unnecessary if you do not use the device often. Hand-held models are sufficient enough for this purpose. But, if vacuum sealing is done the whole day, you should get the high-end models that can be used both for your business and your home. Take the following points into consideration before you buy a unit.

Go through some vacuum sealer reviews before buying one

Vacuum Sealer Prices

The technology and design of vacuum sealers determine the price of the device. These devices can be costly due to the quality of the materials used as well as their features. These devices are capable of continuously vacuum sealing containers. Some models are priced around a thousand dollars or more, which are ideal for home-based cooks or restaurant chefs. Bulk shoppers can also take advantage of the features offered by these devices. Online clothing merchants can also benefit from vacuum sealers.

Online merchants can vacuum seal products before shipping them. This allows them to save on shipping costs since their products will take up less space compared to products that are not vacuum sealed. Vacuum sealing saves you a good amount of space when you ship them. Chamber vacuum sealers are more expensive compared to out-of-chamber vacuum sealers.

Considering your skills

Have you used vacuum sealers before? Are you a technically-inclined individual? If you are a new user and technically-challenged, you may have to get an automatic vacuum sealer since you only have to put the products into a bag and position it on the vacuum channel. Everything else is done by the machine. These models are simple vacuum sealing devices that are quite user-friendly. The manual is simple to read and easy to understand. A number of these vacuum sealers provide everything needed to allow you to start working. But, if you have used vacuum sealers in the past, you may want to choose high-end models that allow manual adjustments in the level of air to be taken out. This allows you to pack the containers based on the requirements. These requirements are based on the vacuum sealing you need to do. But, you should also be ready to learn how to use devices that feature complicated controls.

Amount of Packaging Required

The vacuum sealers available in the market have different features and capabilities. While chamber vacuum sealers provide better efficiency, the sealing process takes a longer time to complete compared to out-of-chamber vacuum sealers. Out-of-chamber vacuum sealers offer better control and are more user-friendly compared to chamber vacuum sealers. The quality and volume of products to be sealed regularly should determine the model you are going to buy. Commercial vacuum sealers are ideal for large-scale sealing of food items and other products. The sealing process is fast and these machines are designed to handle large workloads.

Other Factors

When you look for a vacuum food sealer, you should consider the items included in the device. These may include hand-held accessories as well as attachments. You have to look at the amount of maintenance they require and the warranty offered by the manufacturers. Do these devices include drip trays that are dishwasher safe, an integrated safety feature, and long sealing bars? Many vacuum accessories and attachments available in the market can be used on many countertop models. These attachments are used in sealing large bags, canister, containers, and jars. You should look for models with these accessories if you require them. You should include these additional features into account when deciding on the price you need to pay for the device.

You should also look into the type of bags that can be used for these vacuum food sealers since some countertop models require a special type of bag. There are other models that use proprietary bags available in the market. These special bags are frequent expenses you need to consider, which increases the cost of vacuum sealing products.


After taking into account everything discussed above, we hope you already have an idea on how to select the most suitable vacuum sealer to meet your needs. Regardless of the model you decide to buy, you should keep in mind that vacuum sealers keep your food fresh five times longer compared to standard packaging and storage methods. These devices also allow you to save money if you are a wholesale buyer. This guide can help you select the best vacuum food sealer with the numerous models available in the market today.

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