What’s a water dispenser?

When it comes to a water dispenser, it is any spigot, tank, conduit and product or plumbing feature which draws water from a tank, making it to be dispensed. Water dispensers refer to a wide number of products, because this term is varied and generic. For example, we can call a filtered water jug with a spigot as a water dispenser, similar to a sink faucet. Many similar products also can be called as water dispensers.

Several types

The most common types are office water cooler or home water coolers which place where you can get a glass of refreshing water instantly. Most of them are freestanding models. Others are countertop water coolers. They are able to accommodate a large prefilled water bottler (e.g. 2-gallon bottle, 3-gallon bottle, or 5-gallon bottle) and 1 or 2 faucet (cold water faucet, hot water faucet) with which to dispense cold or hot water from.

They are also called as bottled water dispenser, because they need to accommodate prefilled bottled water. A compressor is also included to be used to cool the water. That is why they are also called as water cooler. Once you have one, you don’t need to cool your water in your refrigerator but you can get a glass of chilled water from your dispenser instantly. On a food table or buffet table, Vintage style porcelain water dispensers are also common and popular. They don’t have a compressor but use ice cubes to cool the water.

Many refrigerators offer on-board water (as well as ice) which can be placed on the front of a refrigerator or in its interior. If you need this feature, you need to pay a little more to get it. This feature is very popular and convenient and you can get a glass of cool and refreshing water with ease. If the dispensing is designed to be built into the front of a refrigerator, it is better.

Some water dispensers even install on the wall and they tend to be very large and can satisfy many people’s needs. For example, they are common in a commercial kitchen.

On the market, there are many different types of water dispenser, so prices vary. The most common and convenient type is a water cooler dispenser. Such a cold and hot water dispenser is perfect for offices and homes.

Why you need a water dispenser?

If you are sure you really need one, the following factors can tell you whether you need one or not.

  • Your children or kids love water cooler dispenser and such a product can encourage them to drink more water every day. Drinking enough water for kids is very important.
  • You can get instant hot water or chilled water, very convenient and simple.
  • You don’t need to buy a bottle of water, because you can fill your commuting water bottle much easier.
  • In hot seasons, without waiting, you can get a glass of cold water. If you drink directly from your faucet, you may let it run for a while. And now, you don’t have to waste water.
  • If your fridge is limited, you don’t have to store a water jug to get chilled water, because a water cooler can offer you chilled water much easier.
  • No bad smell and taste. If you dislike the smell and taste of your tap water that may contain chlorine. You can accommodate a freestanding water cooler with spring-fed bottled water.
  • It is a good idea to have potable water at the cottage or cabin where there is no drinkable water source.


It is highly recommended to have a water cooler dispenser in your home. If you have enough floor space, a freestanding water cooler dispenser is a good choice. Or you can also buy a countertop unit.

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